Movie stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum came to Austin, TX to premiere their film 21 Jump Street at the South by Southwest Film Festival. Like the original TV show, Tatum and Hill play cops going undercover in high school. Speaking with the press before their big night, the two revealed surprising details about their real life high school experiences, which were a switch on what you might expect.

“It kinda sucked,” Tatum said. “My girlfriend was a prom queen but I wasn’t a prom king, so I had to watch her dance with some other dude.”

Hill, it turns out, was the ladies man who got the girl. In the film he plays the nerd who gets a second chance to be cool in high school, albeit as an adult.

“I went out with the girl I wanted to go out with in high school,” Hill said. “She’s great. She was, she was hot. I loved high school. I had a great time. I had a girlfriend who was cool. Her name was Pamela Anderson Lee. No, I had an awesome girlfriend and all my friends were all my best friends now.”

21 Jump Street opens this Friday. Starpulse is at SXSW all week with more celebrity sightings to come.