Hip-hop superproducer Swizz Beatz is keen to introduce Korean pop music to mainstream music fans because he's convinced it's the industry's next big craze.
Alicia Keys' husband has become a big fan of South Korea's so-called K-Pop phenomenon after spending time in the Far East, and he wants others to appreciate the catchy tunes as much as he does.
He says, "I found that Korean Pop Music is a new expression and the world is open to new things. And I think that right now K-Pop in Korea is leading in that area. I would love to be the one to introduce it to the west.
"The biggest thing about K-Pop is how much i's elevated to the next level. Geniuses like Kanye West and others that are smart enough to work with K-Pop groups understand that music is universal. I believe in leadership and setting the pace. I like to be the first."