Single singing sensation Susan Boyle is still struggling to find a boyfriend, even though she has been inundated with saucy offers since shooting to fame.
The "I Dreamed A Dream" star famously admitted she had never been kissed in the audition that kickstarted her career on "Britain's Got Talent" in 2009.
Boyle has been contacted by numerous single men since she found fame, and reveals she has turned down several offers from potential suitors because of their raunchy content.
She tells Britain's The Sun, "We all like the idea of sharing our lives with someone who is going to protect and look after us. I'm on my own quite a lot and that special person hasn't come along yet.
"I've had a few offers in the post and, let me tell you, some of them are beauties. They say: 'I've seen your YouTube video and I think I like you. I live on my own and I need somebody, too.'
"And some of the photographs I've been sent - oh my God! Let's just say they were not suitable for me. Only Donny Osmond has really caught my eye - but he's spoken for."