It’s been a crazy season. Coach and Ozzy both returned to play for a third – and final? – time, and were determined to win. Each chose dramatically different strategies. Ozzy played with all of his heart. Coach ran a Christian ship on the sea of loyalty and integrity. Can one of these two win the million dollars?

First off, Brandon tottered into Ozzy’s Redemption Island Pleasure Dome, after being blindsided at Tribal Council. Ozzy interviewed that Brandon “wasn’t blindsided, he gave up the immunity necklace. Brandon’s playing the game as though he’s playing with God, but he’s not; he’s playing with human beings that are greedy and want that money.” Brandon tells Ozzy that he’s already forgiven Albert.

At Te Tuna, Coach, Sophie and Albert discuss the events at Tribal. Sophie’s ecstatic that Albert not giving back the necklace will appear cowardly to the jury. Albert continues to say that he didn’t know Brandon was going home that night. Coach calls Albert out. “What I don’t understand is the little lies. If there are little lies, there’s gonna be big lies… Own yourself. Own your actions.” Albert realizes that his actions have ruined his alliance with his tribe, and he’s in big trouble.

On Redemption Island, Brandon and Ozzy awake to new treemail, announcing that the upcoming duel will be the final. Someone will return to the tribe to play the end game. Ozzy’s torn. He’s spent two glorious weeks on Redemption, fishing and eating well, and he’ll miss the place. But there’s a game to play, and a million dollars could certainly help Ozzy find another island paradise.

Jeff Probst greets Ozzy and Brandon at the duel arena, and lets them know that one of the two will be re-entering the game. All they have to do is win, by shinnying up a pole and holding on for longer than the other fellow. Let’s begin!

Ozzy looks pretty comfortable, although he does try several positions. Brandon just hangs on to the pole like a baby monkey on its mommy. After 40 minutes, Brandon can’t go on, and slides down the pole. Ozzy stays alive and is back in the game!

Jeff praises Brandon’s 36 days of being in the game, wearing his heart on his sleeve. He says that Brandon seems jubilant, even though he’s just lost. Brandon says that he may have lost the game, but his heart to heart chats with God have been wonderful. Sophie looks at her nails during his ‘goodbye’ speech. Brandon burns his buff, and hobbles off to join the jury.

Ozzy tells Jeff that he’s spent the last two weeks getting into even better shape than before. He and his new tribe mates Coach, Albert, Rick and Sophie head back to camp.

Coach has a chat with Ozzy, still declaring that he’ll take him to the end, and he has the Hidden Idol to be played if necessary. Ozzy doesn’t believe that Coach is telling the truth. He believes that Coach and he should be battling it out at the end, and Coach agrees. But from Coach’s interview, it seems that Coach is well aware that he hasn’t a chance of winning, should Ozzy be in the Final Three.

At the Challenge, the five competitors are greeted by Jeff and some strange contraptions that look like gym equipment. Which they sort of are, as the challengers must pull down a rope that balances a weight on one end, while building a ‘house of cards’ on the other end that must reach a designated height. Tricky!

Well, really, we’re all just waiting to see those houses fall.  But wait! Sophie builds a magnificent house, and then runs out of cards well before reaching the mark. She has to take apart her castle and start over. Luckily, Rick and Albert haven’t even built their first floor, and Coach’s house crumbles before his eyes. Ozzy’s looking good until he runs into the same problem that Sophie had, and he, too, has to backtrack. Sophie yells at Albert to drop his stack and come pick up the pieces she’s dropped. Albert waffles as she demands his help again, but is saved when Jeff says there will be no helping in this challenge. With seconds to spare, and neck and neck with Coach, Ozzy places his final tile and wins immunity.


Back at camp, Ozzie gloats that he’s been waiting a long time to see the alliance turn on itself, and he’ll be there to help along in pitting one ally against another. Coach is furious to have lost, as he now has to choose someone to leave the ‘family.’ He and Albert agree that it has to be Rick that leaves. Rick is likeable, and hasn’t made any enemies, so they can’t risk taking him to the Final Three.   

Rick, however, wonders if Sophie should be next to go, especially when Ozzy ribs him about Sophie’s outburst at the challenge, when she demanded that Albert give up his own game to help hers. Rick begins to sense that his days are numbered, especially when he confronts Coach, who tells him that Sophie’s leaning towards turfing him. Rick asks Coach if he’d vote for him, and Coach lies that he wouldn’t.