The alliance of Coach, Brandon, Sophie, Albert and Rick (who?) has lasted 31 days, with their faithful servant Edna by their sides. Last week, Edna was voted to Redemption Island to duel against Ozzy. Albert’s machinations have begun to irritate Sophie, and Brandon’s just plain crazy. With no ‘others’ to vote for, who’s leaving tonight?

After the vote, Coach and crew were ecstatic that they had successfully carried through their plan to be the Final Five. So of course, Brandon suggested a prayer of thanksgiving. While they prayed, Coach was busily mentally deconstructing his ‘honesty, loyalty and integrity’ motto. “There’s no more loyalty, it’s every cat for himself,” he interviews. Albert and Sophie plot to have Brandon or Rick as their next target, but Albert secretly has plans to oust Sophie. What a lovely bunch of people!

Everyone at Te Tuna starts their morning looking at each other in a new way – like cannibals looking for the plumpest morsel. Albert wants to get rid of Sophie as soon as possible – she’s too smart, too much of a threat. But Rick, who’s been no threat at all, could be ideal to take to the Final Three.  

The tribe breaks up their day with a visit to Redemption Island, where Edna and Ozzy will battle to stay in the game. Oh Oh Ozzy! It’s a puzzle challenge, with first a sliding puzzle, then a sort of Rubik’s Cube puzzle. Edna may have a chance after all. Especially with all five of the castaways shouting encouragement and help.  Ozzy’s on his own, but he’s patient and just keeps his eye on the prize.  And of course, Ozzy wins. He’s Super Survivor!

Edna tells Jeff Probst that she’s learned a lot in her 33 days on the Island; she can survive the elements, and her buff smells so bad, she’s happy to burn it. And she’s off.

Back at camp, the Survivors are drained, but ready to conspire with possible allies. Albert admits he doesn’t feel any loyalty to the others, and continues to fool Brandon into believing that he, Brandon and Coach will go to Final Three.  Brandon, who’s beard has come in enough to qualify him to co-star in a ‘Planet of the Apes’ remake, believes that God has their back, and that Albert’s loyalty is without question.

Sophie tells Coach that she considers Ozzy the most dangerous of them all. Every single jury member has been through “Ozzy’s Pleasure Dome” on the way out, being fed and comforted by him before ascending to the jury. He’s had the last word, so the jury may be swayed to vote in his favor, should he get back in the game. She thinks it’s time to send Brandon to Redemption Island, and let the two most dangerous players battle it out there. She and Coach recruit Rick as the important third vote.

Albert’s still lobbying to get rid of Sophie, but Coach is just as adamant that she stay. When Brandon wanders over to their con-fab, Coach tells off Brandon for being paranoid, and calls him a bully. Brandon’s feelings are terribly hurt when Coach compares him to Russell, and the only thing that will help is if Coach gives him a hug. Eww! Coach hugs Brandon, but then interviews that “The apple never falls far from the tree. And meeting the father was double confirmation. “Behind him, Brandon creeps up with a piece of coconut for Coach, and to eavesdrop on Coach’s words.  “Cheer up, man,” says Brandon. “God’s got everything under control.”