Last week, on Survivor; during Tribal Council, big mouthed Brandon outlined the alliance’s plans to get rid of Cochran, and then Edna. Cochran took the long walk to Redemption Island, and Edna has been left scrambling to stay in the game.

This week, Cochran is greeted at Redemption by Ozzy, who asks if Cochran has learned a lesson. Cochran admits he got screwed and was humiliated. Ozzy is surprisingly kind as he says, “I’m sorry, buddy. It happens to the best of us.” Cochran admits that he ‘drank the kool-aid,’ but when Ozzy says that the best way to get back at the others would be to vote for him at the end, Cochran is not ready to commit to that, either. It must have been the long lasting, high octane kool-aid, because Cochran even wonders if he has a chance to beat Ozzy at the duel.  Ozzy assures Cochran that he’d vote for him, if he were to win.

At Te Tuna, the remaining Upolu’s greet the morning. When Brandon says he’d like to start the day with a prayer, Edna says that, since she’s not part of the tribe, she’ll excuse herself, and leaves the area. Coach is furious, glaring at Brandon, who nonchalantly chews a piece of coconut. Edna tearily interviews that the tribe that preached honesty and integrity, and included her from day one, have made her feel duped and like a second class citizen. I don’t think Coach can count on her vote!

Edna confronts Coach, who waffles that the individual game has begun, and each team mate is on their own. She notes that the individual game starts at five – when she’s gone – and clearly he, and the others knew that from the onset. Imagine how she feels, that she’s allowed “a nineteen-year-old high school dropout, who’s advertised that he’s crazy, to dictate to me the direction of my own destiny here.”  

Said dropout is currently bellowing at the top of his longs that ‘Sprint treemail is here!” In a bamboo case, there’s a Sprint phone, and a message that they are about to see their video letters from home. Everyone is emotional, seeing their loved ones, but Brandon turns into a sobbing puppy as he listens to his dad’s instructions to go with his heart.

Time for the duel! And, wouldn’t you know it? It’s a puzzle. Hey, maybe Cochran does have a chance!

They must first use grappling hooks to grab three bags which contain balls, then manoeuver the balls through a maze. Cochran gets off to a bad start, but Ozzy and Te Tuna call out help and encouragement. Even Jeff has to give Cochran some verbal instructions – Cochran is just that bad at this challenge.

When they begin the puzzle maze, Cochran streaks ahead for an early lead. Who are we kidding? Ozzy wins, of course. And Ozzy is a gracious winner, congratulating Cochran on the closeness of the game.  

Still, it’s Cochran who’s the loser. He gives a long, babbling speech about how exciting it’s been for him, as a long time Survivor fanatic, to have been in the presence of his idols, and to have been included. He tears up as he says this has been the most incredible moment of his life. Sadly, I believe that.

Jeff praises Cochran for sticking through all his adversities, and says that a part of Cochran died on the island, and a new one was reborn. High praise indeed! Everyone applauds. But – his adventure has come to an end, and it’s time to burn his buff. Goodbye, Cochran!

Jeff congratulates Ozzy on his win, and then says there is still a decision to make. Yep, the loved ones have arrived, and everyone gets a hug from their special person. Rick takes the opportunity to give his wife’s butt a quick squeeze. Yee haw!

They save Brandon’s dad – Russell Hantz’ brother Sean – for last. Brandon and dad look like twins, and cling together, sobbing.