Matt’s still on a winning streak, while Russell’s Rooters keep on skankin’ …

My eyes! My eyes! Those big, droopy, pink panties are killing me! I have nothing against Phillip personally, but my word, if you know you’re about to be half naked for 39 days, can you not pick a neutral color for your gotch!?  

First up, a visit to Redemption Island to watch Matt vs Kristina. Seems to me that even the tribe members can’t be bothered to make the trip, but off we go, with Krista and Stephanie (Russell’s Rooters) representing Zapatera, and Rob and Grant fronting for Omatepe. The challenge, to put together puzzle pieces and make a cube, is so boring that Matt himself needs a distraction, so while hefting the pieces, he calls out Rob on why he (Matt) was voted out of the tribe. Boston Rob is far too canny to really answer – that’s my guy! – so he smoothly dodges the question with a non-answer. “It doesn't take one person to vote someone out, Jeff, you know that.” Matt easily aces the challenge, and it’s goodbye to Kristina. And just when I was going to start calling her Xtina. Oh well. Burn that buff, baby, you are out of here! Krista and Stephanie try their skanky best to impress Rob and Grant, but only succeed in looking pathetic and disloyal to their own tribe.

Back at the ranch, er, beach, Phillip has the remaining female Survivors all to himself, so he opts to show off his mad skills at crab hunting. Strangely, the ladies seem unimpressed, as they stand about holding shells or feathers in their hands as though they were holding Blackberrys.  At Zapatera, the Russell-less Survivors are upbeat, with the exception of Julie, who hopes that throwing the challenge to get rid of Russell "doesn't come back to bite us" with bad karma.

Insert obligatory ‘three hot bikini babes under a waterfall’ scene here, just in case you were drifting off, and – we’re back!

The immunity challenge is one we’ve seen before; a caller has to guide their blindfolded tribemates by voice through a maze where bags of puzzle pieces are stashed. Once all the bags are collected, the caller must use the pieces to form a phrase. Winning tribe gets immunity, and – wait for it! – coffee and donuts! Yeah, just what I want when I’m stranded on a desert island!  Since Rob is probably the best puzzle solver in Survivor’s history, it’s no surprise that he aces the challenge, spelling out "the sweet taste of victory."    

Omatepe heads home for their coffee break, where Grant finds a clue hidden amongst the goodies. Boston Rob somehow tricks Grant into giving him the clue, which he then replaces with the first clue which leads to the Immunity Idol Rob has already found. Sneaky!

Zapatera have to face the music at Tribal Council. It’s pretty much a no brainer that either Krista or Stephanie will be taking the long walk, and sure enough, Krista gets the boot. Off to Redemption Island with you, Krista! And good luck against Matt. You’re gonna need it!