With the last two ex-Zapatera’s sentenced to Redemption Island, most of the ex-Ometepe’s have yet to realize they’ll soon be eating each other. Or if they’ve figured it out, they’re assuming it will be someone other than themselves. Natalie has a bit of a meltdown, which she blames on hormones, but which Boston Rob sees as a foible of youth. Yep, Murlonio just keeps getting more fun.

TreeMail! Product placement alert: Today’s treemail is brought to you by Sprint. With a smart phone text message, the Murlonio’s are summoned to RI, and then told to check the videos on the phone. It’s messages from home. Tears are shed, especially by the young girls.

At RI, Steve and Ralph join Matt and Mike. There’ll soon be more people on RI then there are at the main camp! I’m expecting LaToya Jackson to be flown in from Apprentice! They are all pleased to see each other, and get away from the ex-Om’s. Matt must feel overwhelmed, being around so many people. So, let’s see. If two people have a duel, and three have a thruel, then four must mean we’re looking at a fruel, yes? I’m calling it a fruel, anyway.

The RI crew also have a Sprint phone, with messages. But they’re all guys, so only Matt cries. They then use the built in phone to take a picture of their happy little quartet. Aww.

Time for the ‘fruel!’ Jeff tells us that both teams received the ‘Epic 4G only available from Sprint.’ Then he takes the phones back, because, can you imagine the long distance bills if the Survivors actually called home? Just slightly less than if ET did, I’d bet. Jeff ups the ante on the ‘fruel’ by saying that, whoever wins, gets to spend time with a loved one. Matt nearly wets himself. It’s a tile breaking game. (Note to self: get into selling tiles. Survivor needs more tiles.)  Mike wins! Everyone is shocked, because we all know that God has been on Matt’s side.  Mike’s win means that he’ll be seeing a loved one. But wait! Two more people can win, only one person will be going home. Matt and Ralph break their last tiles, and they will also be staying on RI. So apparently, God is still with Matt, but a little jealous of Matt getting to see a loved one. Religion is a hard master.

Steve’s going to be a jury member. Steve, who was in the NFL for years. Steve, who – may have thrown the challenge in order to get a good meal and a shower? Yep, that Steve. Mike’s mum, Jane, is his visitor. But wait, again! Another twist appears. Mike can spend time with his mum, or he can give up the visit, in favour of letting Matt and Ralph spend time with their family. OR – and here’s the really nasty part – he can give up seeing his mum, give up letting his friends Matt and Ralph see their family, and let the ex-Oms see their loved ones. Oooh – what will Mike do? Well, according to the bible he’s been reading while an exile, he has to ‘love his brother like himself’. So he has to give the most good to the most people, meaning, he’s giving away his visit to the 6 ex-Oms who have decimated the ex-Zaps. Wow, he’s a bigger man than I, that’s for sure! Ometepe says, "Thanks, Mike." He replies, "You're welcome. Don’t vote me out again." But you know they will.

So Mike, Matt and Ralph go back to the loneliness of Redemption Island without so much as a hug from their loved ones. Harsh! Ralph, for one, is not at all happy with Mike’s decision. Mike says he asked God to let him win the ‘fruel’ and this must be what God asked of him in exchange. Matt says he doesn’t think he could have made the same gesture.

Now, was this a strategic decision based on who will be making the final vote on the million dollar winner? If so, Mike has to really bear in mind – the ex-Oms have already voted out one of their own, not once, but twice. These are not the nicest people. But Mike has made his decision. Strategy or Faith? We’ll see.

The ex-Oms head back to Murlonia with their ill-gotten love. They only have the afternoon to share. Each tribe member has private talks with their loved ones. Some are revealing – Rob tells his sister that he is dragging crazy Philip to the end, unless things change, and reveals that all the tribe has to do is talk to each other to find out his game, but they won’t. Philip tells his sister that he’s playing a social game, and if he has to play crazy, so be it.

Day 32, and treemail informs the gang that the next challenge will be an ‘uphill battle.’ Rob is already counting Andrea out. She knows the game, and he needs her gone. It’s another puzzle, this time, they’re building a staircase. Andrea and Grant take the immediate lead, but a mistake causes Andrea to fall to Rob’s better logic. It’s 110 degrees in the shade as Rob and Andrea struggle up the stairs, barely making it. Rob wins by crawling to the top, and wins immunity, but his legs are cramping so bad, he needs help to stand. There’s no question – Boston Rob is a mega-player.

Now, remember, friends. Rob still has an immunity idol in his back pocket! Will he get too cocky to use it when it counts? Bottom line, this is Rob’s fourth – and probably final – kick at the can. If he doesn’t win Survivor’s million this time, it’s not for lack of trying. He’s giving it 110 per cent – in the shade.

NOW it rains, as they head home to Murlonio. Rob has the tribe set to vote for Andrea, until Philip starts getting on everyone’s nerves. Philip interviews that his strategy since the beginning of the game has been to be the ‘crazy one’ that other tribe members would want to take to the end. But is that true? Or is he just crazy, end of?  Rob is torn. Has Philip been playing him? Who does he want next to him at the final council?

At Tribal Council, Jeff asks each of the remaining ex-Oms what they think of their chances.  Andrea thinks she’s made the right alliances, so should be safe. Philip says he’s just waiting for the right challenge to prove his worth. And Andrea gets voted out.

Next week: I have no idea. It seems like Rob needs to split up the last two girls, but Philip also has a few words to say. We only have two shows left, so things are getting tense. Can’t wait to see what happens next!