This week on Survivor: Redemption Island … The ladies of Ometepe have a ‘Spa Day’, Phillip loses it twice, and Stephanie learns how to lose friends and influence people – to vote her out.

Zapatera’s Steve admitted to being unhappy that Krista and Stephanie had voted against him during last week’s Council. It seems like his ego took a hit at being singled out. His confidence was further undermined when Stephanie acknowledged her vote, but tempered her apology with a suggestion that he ‘dig deeper’ if he wanted to stay in the game.

Omatepe’s Natalie and Ashley infuriated Phillip when they decided to play Beauty Parlor on the beach. In one of the least feminine or attractive moments two bikinied babes could present, they used scissors to cut each other’s body hair. Ewwww!  On a positive note, Phillip exchanged his pink ‘manties’ for a pair of orange board shorts. But when no one noticed or complimented him on his new wardrobe, his cranky demeanor got even worse, and he took his temper out on the lazy ‘beauty queens’, before stomping off to a cozy video opportunity. Phillip explained that he feels unappreciated, and like a dog being petted by a person who doesn’t like dogs, and then called himself ‘the red haired step child’, with no one giving him credit for his hard work. In his opinion, it was time for the ladies to go.

On Redemption Island, new arrival Krista met Matt. They bonded over religion, but Krista let Matt know she’d be fighting him for the win. When Krista’s bible arrived in treemail the next day, Krista and Matt became solid prayer mates.  At the duel, which involved grappling ropes used to retrieve three bags containing balls, Krista took the lead. But when the next phase involved maneuvering the balls through a maze, Matt won easily, and it was Krista’s time to go home. Before leaving, however, Krista gave her bible to Matt. Andrea, one of the spectators, and formerly Matt’s huggy-bunny, decided that Matt bonds too easily with the other competitors, and she now saw him as a dangerous player.  How sour are those grapes, Andrea?

Apparently Zapatera’s Sarita has an oral fixation, as she gave herself a gum infection while attempting to deep clean her teeth. You know that’s gotta hurt, but it’s never wise to show weakness when a team is down in numbers, and about to face another challenge. Scrappy Stephanie took advantage of Sarita’s moaning to talk up her own strengths, leading some team members to wonder if Sarita should really be the next to go. David advised Stephanie to take the opportunity to get closer to the group, which Stephanie charmingly interpreted as a request to ‘suck up to people I hate.’

Phillip continued to harangue the Ometepe girls about their lack of usefulness to the camp. Ashley provoked him further by talking back, and then laughing at his anger. With another challenge imminent, Rob realized he’d have to smooth the troubled waters, but was secretly pleased at the non-working tribe mates, as their unpleasantness would ultimately lose them the game.

Anyone for beach ball? This week’s challenge involved the teams competing to catch balls launched into the air with catapults. They could catch either team’s ball in their nets, which looked like miniature lacrosse sticks. The game loosely resembled football, as each group attempted not only to catch the balls, but to prevent other members from doing so. Grant, a former NFL wide receiver, had a clear advantage from the start, despite Mike’s attempts to slow him down, and he quickly caught 4 out of the 5 balls needed for the win.  When Rob caught a 5th ball, it was game over for Zapatera, and reward for Ometepe … again. This time, they were treated to a picnic lunch atop a mountain overlooking San Juan del Sur.

Between the picnic spread and the stunning view, it was amazing that Rob easily spotted the latest Immunity Idol clue, but spot it he did. Rob let Matt snag the clue, and then the daring duo left the table to read the clue in private. However, Phillip had seen them leave, and followed, just in time to catch Rob and Matt reading the note. Since Phillip believed that he was in an alliance, which he had nicknamed ‘Stealth R Us,’ with Rob and Matt, he was furious, but hid his anger from them, vowing to get payback for their betrayal in the future.   

Meanwhile, the Zapatera team, hungry and depressed, spent the hours before Tribal Council wondering if Stephanie’s strength outweighed Sarita’s trustworthiness. Stephanie continued her campaign against Sarita in her usual, charming manner, right up until the group were seated before Jeff Probst. But regardless of her arguments, she was voted out of the tribe, 4/2. As she started her long walk to Redemption Island, Stephanie informed the cameras that, when she wins, she would not be going back to her old tribe. Apparently, she is unaware that Matt remains the undefeated champion, and she may be in for some hefty competition for a return.