Week Two, and Matsang’s Russell’s already admitting that he almost passed out from the tension at last week’s Tribal Council, where crazy Zane claimed responsibility for everything bad that’s ever happened to anyone at any time in the history of Survivor. Zane was sent home, natch, but Russell learned that telling yourself not to act bossy didn’t necessarily mean you could stop yourself from being bossy when the games begin.

Now Matsang is down to five players, while the two other teams, Kalabaw and Tandang, remain at six players each.

Rain has fallen almost non-stop during the first six days, and the Survivors are cold and damp, especially at night. At Matsang, Angie takes matters into her own hands, snuggling up to Malcolm to keep warm. Malcolm doesn’t have a problem with cuddling a cute blonde, but onlooker Roxy, the Seminary student, is shocked and angered.  “Angie is literally the ‘booby trap’ and Malcolm is falling for it,” she decides. “Those two are dangerous together. One has got to go, period.”

Roxy takes her worries to Russell and Denise, warning them that Angie and Malcolm are becoming an allied pair, and so must be split up. Malcolm has value, but Angie just needs to be voted out.  “I’m hearing moans, and cuddling, and all that stuff, “she tells Denise.  

Roxy has another problem – the constant rain is sapping her energy.  “I’m not in my comfort zone at all,” she says, which is a strange thing to expect from a game like Survivor. The others are resigned to making the best of the situation, but Roxy is taking the weather personally. “I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since I’ve gotten here, and, to be in a place where you literally have nothing – none of your friends, none of your family, you don’t have your church …” Roxy’s not one to suffer in silence, so Russell and the other players try to cheer her up.  When the sun finally comes out, Roxy relaxes on the beach, thanking God for the fine weather, first in English, and then in ‘tongues.’

At Tandang, they are miserable as well. But while checking the rice for mould, RC finds a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol.  When Abi spots RC trying to read the clue, RC lets Abi share the discovery.  Best friends forever, right? Nope – Abi has serious jealousy issues when she sees RC talking to Mike about yet another ‘accidental’ wound he’s given himself. She warns RC, “I am your friend, but if you f--- with me, you’re dead. Seriously. You are done. Just letting you know.”    

Lisa, on the other hand, is feeling alone and unwanted. She’s always struggled with shyness, and doesn’t have much in common with the younger players. She’s been taking solitary walks, further distancing herself, as the others assume she’s searching for the hidden idol. In reality, she’s wondering if she’s fitting in.

Kalabaw’s Jeff may be struggling with the rain and his injured knee, but he’s a pro, who’s waited out worse times in his 17 year baseball career. While Jeff and the younger tribe members make a sand and stone checker board, Jonathan searches for the hidden idol. Jon’s delighted when the others opt to visit a nearby cave, which allows him to search the camp. He realizes that the idol is actually on the top of the rice container, and is exhilarated with the find.