As a new morning dawns, Penner asks Lisa if anyone else has recognized her yet. She says they haven’t so far. And she’s having a great time, just being herself. She’s finding it very healing to develop friendships without anyone knowing that she was a child star on TV’s “The Facts of Life.” Generally, she doesn’t know if people like her for herself, or for her past fame.

Penner later tells Skupin that they need to be careful of the others. As returning players, their foremost need is just to survive each day. Penner wants Skupin to feel comfortable about turning against the people he’s spent the last 17 days with.

RC and Skupin have felt ostracized from the rest of the Tandang tribe from the beginning.  Meanwhile, Jeff Kent is ready to throw his lot in with Pete, Malcolm and Artis, as long as they commit to getting rid of Penner.  They plan to throw 4 votes at RC, and 4 votes to Penner. If Penner has the idol, and plays it, they win either way. As long as neither wins immunity, they’ve got a perfect plan.

At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst announces that there are two Immunity Necklaces available – one for a man, and one for a woman. They will hold on to a rope handle, attached to a bucket. Each bucket is filled with 25 percent of each person's body weight. As time goes on, the weight will become too much to bear, and the bucket will drop onto a clay pane. When the bucket drops, you're out of the challenge. The last man and woman left standing will receive immunity. Survivors ready?

Right from the beginning, everyone struggles with the challenge, and after 5 minutes, Skupin is the first out of the challenge, followed by Pete. Penner’s next, then Lisa, Malcolm, RC, and Abi, leaving Denise the winner of immunity for the women.

After 15 long minutes, and after kissing his own biceps, Artis is out of the challenge, leaving Jeff and Carter. Jeff whispers to Carter that whoever drops first, owes the other. Carter tells Probst he just wants to wear the necklace, and Jeff drops his bucket, leaving Carter as the winner of the male Immunity Necklace.

For the first time, Denise is safe from that evening’s Tribal Council, and she’s very relieved. Carter rocks his own necklace, understanding that he now owes Jeff Kent a favor.

They all return to the new beach camp, where a newly erected sign displays the new tribe name, Dangrayne.  

RC feels very confident that she is safe, but Skupin feels threatened, as a returning player.  He approaches Jeff Kent, saying that he and RC would like to align with Jeff, Malcolm and Jonathan. Skupin feels that Artis, Abi and Pete are very rude, and have snubbed him and RC since the merge.  Jeff admits that he won’t let Penner beat him at the game, fearing that Skupin and Penner will ally, and try to get to the end together.  Skupin says he doesn’t have a problem with Jeff’s plan, choosing safety over Penner.

Jeff meets with Carter, and they decide that with Denise, Penner, Skupin and RC, they have six votes, and Jeff agrees that that should be enough. What? I thought they were voting out Penner or RC?  Jeff says that if he and Carter jump to the other tribe, they may lose whatever loyalty they’ve built within their original alliances. And Skupin has promised to vote against Penner, when the time comes.


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