It only gets crazier at Tribal.  Probst introduces RC as the first member of the Jury, and then gets straight into questioning how the tribe feels about returning players.  Is Skupin on the chopping block? Skupin says he was worried, but things have changed at the camp. Malcolm admits he put his faith in “a little Texas girl and she threw me under the bus pretty hard today.” Probst is impressed that Lisa took charge. Lisa admits her whole plan, and how she schemed to get Malcolm voted out.

Probst points out that both the previous tribes have stayed together, but Malcolm is a pivotal player, with allegiances to both. Abi is incensed that Malcolm could be on either team; she admits that Skupin and RC were always on the outside, with she, Lisa, Pete and Artis as the dream team. When she doesn’t mention Malcolm, he’s hurt.

Lisa explains the game of Survivor to Abi, and that her plot was intended to make the old Tandang tribe stronger.  “If someone has a hidden immunity idol, you try to flush it out or try to blindside them because they are a huge threat in the game.”

Malcolm’s had enough, so he decides to not only admit to having the idol, but to show it to the group, and tell them he’ll be playing it that evening. Probst half-jokingly asks “Anybody else want to reveal they have an idol and get it out?” Abi takes the bait, and displays her own idol.  Everyone but Pete can’t believe her move.

Where can it go from here, but straight into awesome, as Penner publicly asks his group of six to vote against Pete, while Lisa tries to convince her old Tandang group to vote against Malcolm. Everyone’s head swings back and forth as though watching a tennis match. Probst admits he’s never seen a more complicated and entertaining Tribal Council. And it’s time for a vote ….

Neither Malcolm nor Abi actually play their idols. As Probst reads out the names, Jeff Kent and Pete are neck and neck, with one lone vote (from Penner) thrown to Abi.  But the tribe has spoken, and it’s Jeff Kent’s time to leave the tribe.

“That vote may go down as one of the biggest blown opportunities in the history of this game,” says Jeff Probst, before sending the confused and disoriented group home.

Jeff Kent’s exit interview: You know what pisses me off, is that I think I’ve made about $60 million playing baseball and I want this frickin’ million dollars and this game. And it’s not even a million bucks! It’s $600,000 by the time Obama takes it! I’m a Game 7 World Series loser. You know, I’ve played in the biggest games in the world and the worst games in the world, but this just sucks!”

Next time on, Survivor: “How can we stay loyal to someone who’s not loyal to us?” asks Skupin. After being bullied by her alliance, Lisa turns to Penner, and could flip everything upside down. “Maybe it makes sense to go with the other alliance.”  

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