“My plan is to mount the greatest comeback that has ever been seen.”  Great plan, Russell, but with Matsing now down to three players, non-stop rain drenching everything, including the fire, and three very depressed tribe members – you’re going to need a miracle.

Russell blames their sorry state on “a smoker, a lunatic, and a beauty queen.” Malcolm , on the other hand, says that Malcolm has lived up to his poor expectations of him, and lacks self-awareness. “it’s apparent at challenges, it’s apparent in the way he talks to us around camp, and it’s apparent the way he loses his cool at Tribal for no reason.”

Russell sneaks around the camp, trying to find the hidden immunity idol, but has no luck.

Kalabaw’s not having a great day either. They can’t make a fire in the pouring rain. All they can do is huddle under their leaky shelter, looking at each other’s gloomy faces.

When the rain finally lets up, Jonathan, Jeff and Carter head out to do a little clam fishing. Jeff feels more comfortable with Jon as the days pass, and the two bond, being older and more socially adept than the rest of the tribe.  Jon widens the alliance to include Carter (who?) as the third male. Carter interviews that Jon has moved from target to ally, with the girls being the disposable team members.

Kalabaw’s ladies aren’t so sure about that! Seeing the men bonding over the fishing expedition, Dawson, Katie and Dana form their own alliance. They don’t need any boys with their boy cooties; they will play their own social game.

But Tandang’s Pete is feeling great! He’s feeling in control, and says that any chaos that occurs can only be beneficial to him.   And soon the chaos begins, when Abi spots the ‘closely guarded’ hidden immunity clue sticking out of RC’s bag. RC pretends to have just found it, and reads it aloud to the tribe, while Abi stews.

Abi has convinced herself that betraying RC by telling Pete about the clue, and subsequently finding the idol but not telling RC, proves that RC is not 100% honest. Huh? Anyway, it turns out that sneaky Pete actually planted the clue to cause a division between the girls. And it worked. RC is now feeling distrusted and isolated.

By the next day, Abi’s worked up a fine temper, and rebuffs RC’s attempts to find out why she is so angry. Abi says that RC knows what she did, but RC hasn’t got the faintest idea what crazy Abi is talking about. Pete continues to stir the pot, by telling RC that the battle is between the two of them. Even Lisa gets into the game, realizing that keeping RC and Abi fighting takes the heat off of her.  RC concludes that Abi is irrational and dangerous, and now feels that her position in the tribe is in danger.