With Righteous Roxy gone, Matsing is a tribe of four. Russell needs to find an alliance pronto. If Denise decides to side with cute couple Angie and Malcolm, he’s a goner. I’m feeling like I really know the players in this tribe. Oh wait, that’s because we almost never see anyone BUT this tribe! For the third week in a row, Matsing is in the spotlight, with their inability to win a challenge. The only way we’ll know any of the other players this season seems to be if and when the opening credits feature the full roster of players.

When a new day dawns, Matsing discover that their raft has drifted away in the night. Malcolm and Angie spent the night cuddle-free, and he can talk strategy with Denise with a clear conscience. They are already trying to decide if Russell or Angie will go home next, which is not a great way to prepare for a challenge.

 Over at Tandang, Abi lolls on the beach with RC. Abi’s twisted her knee, so she’s exhausted and needs a lot of rest. And suddenly her Day One besty RC isn’t so besty. For no apparent reason, Abi now distrusts RC, and since RC made the mistake of telling Abi about the hidden immunity idol clue, Abi has a tiff with RC, and then ally’s with cute but dumb Pete in a quest to find the idol herself, and get rid of RC. Pete, meanwhile, fancies himself as some sort of surveillance specialist, who’s keeping an eye on his team at all times. He wants leader Mike out, so he tells Lisa that she can be in his alliance, but only if she promises to vote as he decides. Lisa wants to stay in the game, so she agrees.

What the? Kalabaw’s Dana notices that the emblem on the top of the rice container is missing, and she and Jeff deduce that the missing piece may be the hidden idol. Dang that Jonathan, who’s trying to throw suspicion away from himself by constantly complaining about how sore his butt has become from sitting on log seats.  Jeff gives credit to Jon for finding the idol, but is kicking himself for not noticing the idol first.

And so it begins. The water is inviting, and this week’s Immunity Challenge takes advantage of the setting. Jeff Probst welcomes everyone and then explains the game.

The teams will dive off the competition raft, and swim out to lines that have eight puzzle wheels attached. They can only release one wheel at a time. They will then put the wheels on a giant axle, and spin the lettered wheels until they uncover the mystery word. Two teams will win fishing kits (the first place team will receive a canoe as well) and the losing team will be reluctant guests at Tribal Council.  Tandang and Kalabaw sit out two players to equalize Matsing’s party of four.

Things go bad for Matsing right from the start, as Angie struggles to swim down two feet to release the first puzzle piece. Russell, although able to free the next piece, suddenly cannot find the strength to climb up the ladder after his first dive, and cannot free another piece at his second attempt. Angie and Russell simply give up, and let Denise and Malcolm do all the water work.  Behind from the start, it’s no surprise when they lose yet again.