The twist that Penner throws is intriguing; when he reaches the mud trough, he searches for and finds all four of the bags of balls, and leaves the bags at the corners so that the rest of his team don’t need to spend time searching. This move leaves him behind Skupin at the onset, but pays huge dividends as the race continues. Sure enough, Penner’s team wins the race portion, and is ahead as they begin pitching the balls into the structure. And it’s Penner’s team for the win!

The winners are happy to head into the nearby village with the goodies for the children. A wonderful time is had by all. The villagers are overjoyed to receive the supplies, and treat the Survivors like royalty. Malcolm remembers his time teaching in Micronesia, and wonders why he ever thought bartending could be fulfilling. Penner accidentally tells the children that his name is “Normal,” and then plays a local piñata-type game that has the kids ecstatic.

But there’s also time for a little strategy. Denise and Carter wonder how Skupin can stay loyal to Tandang when he is constantly being mistreated.  They also wonder how the Tandang tribe can be so clueless to Lisa’s loyalty.

Speaking of clueless – at the Dangrayne camp, Pete interviews that Lisa was ‘obliterated’ at Tribal Council, and says that she is clueless about the game. He’s amazed that Skupin and Lisa are key to keeping the Tandang numbers high. Meanwhile, Abi is leading the other losers through a beat down on Lisa, whom she proclaims ‘gullible and naïve.’  But the main target in the Tandang tribe is Penner. They are adamant that Penner will be going home that night at Tribal Council.

Artis realizes that Abi is a loose cannon who thinks she knows what she’s doing, but clearly doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. Lisa wonders if her loyalty to Tandang and the vicious Abi makes any sense; it may be time to flip to the other side, where she is accepted and appreciated.

And so, on to the Immunity Challenge. Penner reluctantly gives up the necklace. Probst explains the challenge; they must balance and position six balls onto an oversized paddle by rolling the balls down a long neck.  Survivors ready?

The players will need a steady hand, and solid concentration to position even one ball. From the beginning, only Skupin and Pete master the moves.  The other players can’t even get one ball to stay on the paddles. Skupin and Peter are neck and neck until suddenly Pete has a run of misfortune, with each new attempt knocking a previously placed ball off the paddle. Skupin wins immunity!  

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