There’s trouble brewing – in Dana’s stomach. She’s freezing, nauseous, and burning up with fever.  When she starts getting a sharp pain in her stomach, the others try and help. Jonathan thinks she seems to be shutting down from the cold and pain.

Jeff Probst arrives with the Medical Team, who examines Dana. The doctor determines that she’s having pain in the right side and middle of her stomach, but there’s nothing life threatening.  She could continue in the game for another twelve hours, when they could reassess her condition. Jeff tells her that they only pull a player from the game if the player’s life is in danger. He asks her what she wants to do – the decision to stay or leave is down to her. Dana decides to leave the game. Jeff removes his rain jacket and covers Dana, leading her gently to the boat. Before she leaves, the tribe comes to say goodbye, telling her that they all understand, love and respect her.

Sure, they’re sad to see her go, but Katie’s also devastated at the loss of her best ally. And Dawson is still hugging herself because her crush Jeff actually set foot on their beach. She’s just barely restrained herself from jumping all over Probst’s rugged male being.  Jonathan worries that they’re now at a disadvantage, with one player less than the new and improved Tandang.  

What a time to have an Immunity Challenge! And one that is physically and mentally grueling, to boot. The two tribes will race through a difficult and muddy obstacle course, before untying and chopping knots to release a drawbridge full of bamboo pieces. They must then find the lettered pieces to solve a puzzle. First tribe to guess correctly wins immunity. Survivors ready?

Abi opts to sit out the challenge once again, and Jeff Probst immediately calls her out on exactly how many challenges she’s actually participated in. She admits that it’s only two.  Jeff seems a little cranky during his play by play, mentioning several times that Katie is holding Kalabaw back with her lack of ability.  Malcolm’s a huge asset to Tandang, and helps them through the physical portion of the trial.  Jeff notes that the team is working well, except for Abi, who’s sitting out again.

The teams are neck and neck as they solve the puzzle, “Live To Play Another Day.” But Tandang takes it, remaining undefeated in the game. Kalabaw will be Jeff’s guests at Tribal Council. Jonathan notes that they lost due to Katie’s slowness and Dawson’s lack of helpfulness at the puzzle. He’s fuming that they’ll be down two people after Tribal.

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