Is it a tribe or a duet if there are only two of you? Malcolm and Denise are Matsing’s last two members, after Russell’s pouting departure last week.

Day 11 dawns as cold and wet as the others. Malcolm and Denise know that it’s likely they’ll be split up, with their tribe of two pitted against two tribes of six. It’s too early for a merge.  They determine to find the tribe’s hidden immunity idol before the next challenge. Malcolm finds the idol, while Denise hopes he’ll stay loyal to her.

Malcolm’s “giddy as a schoolgirl” at the find, and he just gets giddier at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst tosses Malcolm and Denise a bag containing two wrapped buffs. Malcolm is reassigned to Tandang, while Denise is now a Kalabaw member.  Matsing is no more.

It’s an interesting Reward Challenge. Tandang faces off against Kalabaw, one on one. Each tribe member faces a rival tribe member while balancing an immunity idol on their palms. First to knock the other person’s idol to the ground, wins the point.  First team with five points wins reward; coffee, tea, muffins and cookies. (Shout out to Angie, who thought that cookies would make the game so much better!)

It’s a fairly easy game, and it doesn’t take long for Tandang to win. Malcolm gets even giddier at the thought of the sugar rush he’s gonna get.  His team already loves him, and he’s getting goodies! What could be better?

RC hopes that she can ally with Malcolm, but she sees him connecting with Peter and the other men, and decides that her chances are already gone. Once again, she feels like an outsider, but she’s determined to fight for her place in the tribe.

Peter is ecstatic to have Malcolm on his team; he’s only kept the ‘annoying’ Mike Skupin on side because of his physical abilities. Now Peter feels he can build a really strong alliance of himself, Malcolm and Abi. AND they have the idol. Malcolm does not let on that he has his own idol.

At Kalabaw, Denise makes the best of her new tribe, although they would have been happier to have Malcolm. Katie, Dana and Dawson are thrilled to have another female to add to their alliance. But before they can start to schmooze Denise, Jeff takes her aside and convinces her to ally with the men. Denise is happy to agree.