Despite soul searching and a display of outright paranoia from Abi, Lisa once again sided with the former Tandang tribe, sending Artis to the jury. But Lisa’s loyalty can only be stretched so far – and with Jonathan Penner and Mike Skupin remaining her closest allies, it may be time for a change in the game.

Post Tribal Council, Malcolm, Denise, Penner, Skupin, Lisa and Carter decide they’ll aim for final 6, and then battle it out to the end.

This week, Pete and Abi are a losing alliance of two. Abi is just stunned that her game plan has fallen apart. She’s also shocked that Lisa is honest enough to tell her that she’s leaving the alliance; after all this time, Abi still doesn’t trust Lisa, and Lisa’s had enough of that.  Abi makes no effort to placate Lisa, simply shrugging.

It’s straight into the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst welcomes the Survivors to a very new, and confusing, game.  They will be divided into two teams. Each team will have a total of three drums, one in each of three circles. They will race to each circle to flip their symbol up, while the other team tries to flip the opponents drum symbol down.  Yeah – it is that confusing.  First team to get all three of their symbols up simultaneously wins reward.

They’ll be playing for a Spa day! On a separate island they will be able to bathe, wash their hair, have a massage, a mani-pedi, and finally, a lunch of chicken, beef, shrimp, calamari, and cocktails. Survivors ready?   

Penner and Carter are the first two to play, and Carter wins the first point. It gets a little crazy after that, with people forgetting to flip their own drums over in the chaos, and Skupin flipping over the wrong drum in his haste. Skupin’s error leads to the red team winning reward. Abi, Pete, Carter and Malcolm prepare to be pampered.

At the spa, Malcolm calls a moratorium on strategy, saying that he hopes they will all just relax and have a good time. In reality, the people Malcolm wants to be with in a Final Four are all back at camp. So it’s time to just kick back with some smart cocktails and enjoy being spoiled.

Relaxed and with full bellies, the group returns to the camp, where Abi tells the dirty, tired, hungry others just how wonderful it was at the Spa. As Lisa, Skupin, Denise and Penner eat their lunch of beans, Abi moans that she’s still so full of all the amazing food she crammed down earlier.

“Normally, everyone’s super-gracious when they come back from a Reward, but Abi is being downright cruel. She flaunted it, and she wouldn’t stop,” says Skupin. Malcolm adds, “Abi has all the social grace of a Mac truck.”

As Abi lies basking in the sand, she announces that she’s “done with the kitchen.” She says she’s been cooking for 26 days, and now she’s over it. She also says she’s leaving soon, so will just enjoy her final moments.  Penner says he knows she has the idol, so she’ll be there for at least another five days; does she not plan to eat during that time? Well, of course she does - she just doesn’t want to cook.  Denise interviews that she thinks Abi has lost her fricking mind.

Malcolm and Skupin discuss a Final Four. Malcolm and Denise will continue to vote together, so Skupin needs to decide if he’s taking Penner or Lisa as his fourth. Lisa’s thrilled when Skupin approaches her and offers her the position. But Skupin’s still thinking of keeping Penner and Carter as their allies, rather than Malcolm and Denise.  Lisa says that she trusts Penner more than Malcolm, so Skupin takes Penner aside for a chat.

Penner is not as interested as Lisa and Skupin would have thought. He’s appreciative that they trust him, but declines the offer, saying that he’s more comfortable taking one thing at a time.  He’s on board for getting rid of Abi and Peter, but won’t commit further than that. Lisa’s surprised at Penner, and thinks he’s missed an opportunity.