As Lisa, Michael Skupin, Malcolm, Denise and Abi trail back to camp after Tribal Council, Abi tells the others that she “doesn’t even know how to thank” them. Which is true.  Abi is incapable of apologizing or thanking anyone, it seems, believing that her bluff about her fantasy hidden immunity idol was what really saved her. The others are sorry that Carter had to be voted out over Abi. It was a strategic move. But can they last any longer with the unlikeable Abi in the tribe?

This week, Abi continues bluffing the others with her fake idol, but no one believes that she has one. After all, she would have played it at Tribal Council, had she actually had one in her possession. All Abi can do is plot a division of the duos that have sprung up.

She begins by ‘warning’ Lisa that Lisa is “totally on the bottom” of her alliance of four. Lisa’s not fooled by Abi’s words, but thanks her for the heads up. Meanwhile, Lisa is still struggling with when to make her big move – and should she take out Denise or Malcolm?

The Reward Challenge consists of the Survivors racing up and over a slide, and then running into the ocean to retrieve rings attached to buoys. When they’ve retrieved both lots, they will then toss the rings onto five posts. First player to land all five rings wins a helicopter ride to a boat cruise where they will whale shark watch, drink pop, and eat pizza and cookies.   And they’ll take two others with them, to share the goodies. Survivors ready?

Skupin and Malcolm take the lead, with Abi and Lisa struggling to catch up. Denise is in it to win it, but it’s Skupin and Malcolm all the way, with Skupin winning the challenge. His choices to join him for the reward are Lisa and Malcolm. Skupin can’t help but remind Jeff Probst that the last time he’d been on a helicopter, it was when being medically evacuated. But this will be a better afternoon, promises Probst.

Although Denise is a good sport, Abi is visibly disappointed, and, as usual, tries to make everyone else feel bad. Poor Denise now has to spend a miserable afternoon with the petulant Abi. Denise interviews that she’d gladly gouge out her eyes and puncture her eardrums rather than be around whiny Abi.

Luckily, Skupin, Malcolm and Lisa are having a wonderful time on the boat. Skupin gets a massive sugar rush from drinking pop, as he’s been sugar free for 30 years. “He acted like a drunk chick in a bar,” says Malcolm. Skupin’s climbing the mast, grabbing the hats off the hapless fishermen piloting their boat, and generally acting … well, drunk!

Which could be a recipe for disaster when they actually enter the water to swim with the massive whale sharks. Sure enough, Skupin winds up getting head butted by the enormous fish.  “One less competitor,” interviews Malcolm.

Malcolm also has a pow-wow with Lisa and Skupin. They all know that Denise is their biggest competitor (besides Malcolm himself) and the three plot to be the Final Three. In the interviews, though, it is clear that not one of the three is completely loyal to each other.