The morning of the Immunity Challenge finds Denise having a particularly bad day. She’s woken up in excruciating pain, with two tiny fang marks visible on her neck.  She thinks she may be having an allergic reaction to a bite from a spider, lizard, tarantula or snake. The pain is like being on fire. In tears, she determines that she has to suck it up. With only three days left in the game, she can’t afford to be weak.

Malcolm advises her to “breathe through it,” while Skupin and Lisa hold a prayer session, asking for Denise’s pain to be lifted. Abi pretends concern. Hey, she came to the island to win a million dollars, not to feel bad for other people, she says.

Denise tells Probst about her injury before the Immunity Challenge. Probst notes that this could be a possible opening for Abi, and of course, Abi agrees.

The challenge is tough. They will need to use two planks to cross a rope bridge, while retrieving puzzle pieces along the way. Should they fall off, they will have to start again. Once across, they will assemble the maze, and use a ball to complete the challenge. First to succeed wins Immunity.

Skupin and Lisa take the lead, but Denise makes good progress as well. Malcolm is almost at the end of the bridge when he falls off. Skupin and Denise grab the lead and begin putting the puzzle together. Denise almost has the puzzle completed before Malcolm arrives, but the puzzle pieces are harder to assemble than it first appears.

Denise is seconds away from completing the puzzle, when Malcolm finishes, moves the ball down the maze, and wins Immunity!

Malcolm now has the Immunity Necklace, as well as the Hidden Immunity Idol he found at the beginning of the series. He has all of the power for the night’s Tribal Council in his hands.

Back at camp, Skupin manages to get another small campfire injury before the haggling begins. Denise is determined that it’s Abi’s night to go. Abi continues to work on Skupin, hoping to get him to vote for Denise. After all, Abi says, if she’s in the Final Three, no one will vote for her, as the most disliked player in the game.

Skupin wonders if hanging out with Abi for the next three days is worth the million dollars. Lisa’s overjoyed that Skupin intends for Abi, Lisa and himself to be in the Final Three. And Denise asks Malcolm if he’ll give her the immunity idol, as he already has the Necklace. Malcolm tells Denise that he’ll give it to her, “if the situation called for it.” Cold! Later he interviews that he really has no intention of giving Denise the Idol; she’s safe, and the idol would be a nice little something for his mom to put on her shelf.

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