The Dream Team enjoys the luxury yacht and all of its amenities. Chelsea says that getting away from the stresses of the camp, and being clean, makes her feel like a human being again. She loves champagne – and she loves Kim. She feels like they’re on their honeymoon.

Back at the camp, Alicia is livid. How was it fair to take Kim on her third reward in a row?  Not only that, she said she’d be taking Christina, and then didn’t. Alicia says that she, Christina and Tarzan have to be solid on whom they’ll next vote out of the game. They decide that Chelsea has to go, assuming Chelsea doesn’t win the immunity challenge. But they need a fourth vote to combat a tie. They’ll tell Kim that she has to vote with them, to prove her loyalty.

Tarzan goes one further, saying that Christina and Alicia have a better chance if he’s in the Final Three with them. Everyone agrees with the plan. Alicia says the next one voted out should be either Chelsea or Kim!

On the yacht, Sabrina, Chelsea and Kim gloat over their wonderful food and drink. Kim actually laughs at the other three players, who still don’t realize how big a threat she really is. But Sabrina’s beginning to wonder at Kim’s ability to lie to everyone about her allegiances.  Kim admits that even she can’t tell when she’s telling the truth anymore.

Day 36 dawns to find Tarzan preparing a coconut stew. He seems to be using his buff to hold the coconut shreds, and as a boiling container. Alicia asks if she can take over, but he wants to cook it the way he wants to.  She questions  his methods, saying that he can’t use his buff to puree or drain the coconut, as it’s been wrapped around his “know you what.”  So? He says it contains the same bugs that are on her skin. She offers Christina’s buff, although Christina says it’s not up for grabs.

The Dream Team arrives back at camp as this is going on. Chelsea interviews that it was wonderful to be away from all the arguing overnight, but tough to walk right back into the bickering.    

Alicia tells Kim that Tarzan said that if Kim wouldn’t vote for Chelsea, they’d know she was a traitor. Kim turns it around, acting innocent, and saying how ironic it would be if Tarzan managed to win. Kim interviews that the way to turn Alicia against Tarzan is to make her think that Tarzan is a mastermind who’ll make her look like a fool. Kim may have a big future in espionage when this season ends.

When they discuss Tarzan’s secret pledge to both that he’ll work the jury for them, Kim has Alicia believing that Tarzan’s real plan is to take Christina to the end. Alicia interviews that she and Kim cross-referenced their stories and realized they’re getting fed the same b.s.  She’s on to Tarzan’s strategy. She’s even angry enough to be nice to Christina, who obligingly tells them that Tarzan just asked her if she’s worried about Alicia.

But Alicia’s not done yet. She interviews that she can see that Tarzan is just now trying to play the social game. Uh uh, Tarzan – ALICIA is the Queen of the Social Game. If Chelsea wins immunity, they’re taking Tarzan out. Otherwise, Chelsea goes home.  Alicia feels that Chelsea’s been trying to run her game on her, and that’s just not going to happen.  No one’s going to make Alicia look like a fool, no way! She assures us that she is the most powerful player, and will remain the most powerful player.

Brave words indeed. But can she stick to them? It’s time for the immunity challenge, and just to make things difficult, they’ll be playing this game with one arm tied behind their backs. Jeff tells them they must use fish hooks to pick up bags of puzzle pieces which must then be used to form a fish skeleton. Well, then – this should be a snap for Doctor Tarzan and his dexterous surgeon hands!

There’s a little bit of competition, but in the end, Alicia just beats out Kim by seconds to win immunity.

Back at camp, Tarzan says that he should have won the challenge, and spits out, “you bitch. How dare you beat me?” Everyone is shocked at his words. He then backs down, saying that he should have won, as it wasn’t even athletic.  Alicia thanks him for the backhanded compliment, but later interviews that the day is all about her, and her control of the votes. She has the power to choose who’s out of the game. And suddenly she’s getting a selfish vibe from Tarzan; could he backstab her?

Kim tells Sabrina that she’s working her magic on Alicia, to convince her that Tarzan’s going to take out the two strongest players – Kim and Alicia. Sabrina laughs. Kim says Alicia and Christina are as excited to take out Tarzan as they were to take out Kat.

Kim tells Chelsea that it looks like the target is now on Chelsea’s back. She’s done her best, but doesn’t know how to save Chelsea. After all, they might be planning to vote out Kim herself! And then what would she do?  Chelsea says Kim can just play her idol, but Kim won’t play it unless she needs to. Nor will she give it to Chelsea. In fact, Kim tells us that, depending on how things go, she may be voting against Chelsea herself. No way is she giving up the idol that will guarantee her entry into the Final Four.

Chelsea tells Sabrina that she can’t believe Christina may still be in the game after she’s gone. Sabrina reassures her, and says they need to take things hour by hour. The game can change that quickly. And of course, it soon does.

Alicia walks with Tarzan, despite having a sore foot, and tells him they’re still taking out Chelsea. He says he senses that she’s not interested in taking him to the finals. She lies, saying that he’s fine. Alicia wonders if she can still take Kim to the finish, but Tarzan warns her that Kim, with her angelic face and blue eyes, would have the advantage.

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