Last week on, Survivor: One World. Tarzan was the last man standing, but Kat’s decision to party with her peeps put her on the hit list instead. Kat thought a blindside would be funny and exciting, but left the game in tears when she was the blind-sides’ victim.

Tikiano, Night 33: as the women discuss the irony of Kat’s words, Tarzan interviews that the women made a dumb move, choosing Kat over himself. But since they have, he has a ‘sub-plot’ where he might be able to raise himself into the top three.

Tarzan speaks privately with Kim, telling her why it would be smart to get rid of Chelsea and Sabrina, and take him to the Final Four. He’ll then tell the jury that Kim should win. Alicia wanders up, wondering what’s going on, and Kim tells her Tarzan’s suggestion.  When Kim leaves, Tarzan then tells Alicia that he’ll tell the jury to vote for her. Oops!

Tarzan interviews that he’s stayed in the game by playing incrementally. It won’t be terrible if he loses the game; he just won’t be able to buy shocks for his car. (I guess he wasn’t that successful a plastic surgeon, if he can’t afford a car part that’s usually under $50.)

Tikiano, day 35: The women note that they’re getting low on rice. Chelsea tells Christina, who’s so hungry that she’s dreaming about food, that she’ll take her with her if she wins reward. She also plants the idea that Tarzan has to be next to go, and that she feels that Christina, Alicia and Tarzan have their own alliance. But don’t tell anyone what I’ve said, she cautions.

And of course, Christina immediately tells Alicia and Tarzan what Chelsea said, as Kim listens in. Can’t anyone on this team keep secrets? Kim can’t wait to tell Chelsea what Christina’s said. Kim’s real worry is that Chelsea may have blown Kim’s cover; Kim has been playing both sides. Chelsea and Sabrina think Kim’s their third, while Alicia, Christina and Tarzan think they have Kim as their fourth.

Kim realizes that it would only take one conversation between the two groups for them to realize how she’s played them. And that would be the end of it for her, since no one would trust her.

Another challenge, another food reward! Jeff Probst welcomes the survivors to a dizzying game. They will race to release disks by spinning around and unscrewing disks, and then running to the next station, until they have three disks. The spinning will also make them very dizzy, and likely to walk like drunken sailors. Once they have all three disks, they will put them together to form a puzzle. By moving the disks around, they’ll decode three numbers, which they’ll then use to open a combination lock.

It all sounds very complicated, but, trust me, it’s not. Reward is an overnight stay on a yacht, where they can actually shower, change into fresh clothes, drink champagne, and eat proper food, while relaxing on deck and sleeping in a real bed. Sounds lovely to everyone. Survivors ready?

It’s close, but Chelsea wins, again. Allowed to choose two people to enjoy the reward with her, she says she’ll play it fair, by taking Sabrina, who hasn’t had much food, and Kim. Yes, the Kim who’s now3 for 3 on going on food rewards. Kim, who may have actually gained weight during this season of Survivor. Christina is of course devastated.  But Alicia is furious.