Last week on, Survivor: One World Kim was playing both sides, with her all-women’s alliance, and her Salani alliance. But she decided to keep the faith with the women, and led her ladies into blindsiding Jay. Now Troyzan, Tarzan and Leif are the last men standing. As the stongest male competitor, Troyzan will have to seek immunity, or be next to leave.

Tikiano, Night 23: After Tribal Council, Troyzan asked Christina, in front of everyone, why she hadn’t voted with him, and she said she was sticking with the original plan. He reminded her that she’d almost been voted out several times, and should realize where she stood in her tribe. Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina told Troyzan to stop ‘attacking’ Christina, but were actually trying to confuse Christina as to their intentions. Mouthy Alicia repeated, “Relax, relax, relax” which of course only made Troy angrier. Feeling alone and cornered, Troyzan vowed to fight for his life.

In the cold light of day, Troyzan still can’t believe the women’s attitudes, including Chelsea’s claim that it’s ‘just a game’ and that he should ‘take it like a man.’  I guess Chelsea thinks that Troy rolling over and playing dead would somehow be manly.  

The morning’s Treemail includes envelopes full of money, addressed to each of the team members. Looks like we’re having a food auction! The women are giddy with excitement, but Troyzan only wants to buy anything that will take him further in the game.

My goodness, Jeff  Probst is wearing a black shirt! He outlines the rules of the auction; you can’t pool your money, and you can’t share your win. And if you like something, bid fast, because the auction will stop without warning.

First up: three donuts and an iced coffee. Kim offers $100.00 first, and they’re off and running. Chelsea wins at $160.00 Next, it’s chips with guacamole, and an iced Marguerita. Alicia starts the bidding, But Sabrina wins with a $400.00 bid. How about a protein shake and two bananas? Leif’s gotta have that.

What would a Survivor shower, with shampoo and toothpaste, be worth to you?  It’s worth $40.00 to Kim. BLT, chips and a cold iced tea go to Kat for $180.00. Kat is very pleased to discover that the B in BLT refers to bacon.  A huge bowl of peanut butter, with chocolate on the side, goes to Kim, who actually leaves the shower to grab the treat. Although they’ve each got $500.00 to spend, Alicia refuses to pay over $260.00 for peanut butter.

In the craziest moment, Jeff asks Tarzan why he hasn’t bid on anything. Tarzan says he needs shocks for his jeep. When Probst asks if Tarzan’s serious, he’s assured he is; Tarzan’s waited a long time to fix his shocks, and this $500.00 will do it. Everyone shakes their head at his words.

Letters from home! How much?  The first bid is $500.00, made by a weeping Alicia. Her letter is from her dad, whom she says has never written her in her life. She reads the letter aloud, as everyone cries, and listens attentively. Then Jeff opens the floor to further purchases at $500.00 and Tarzan spends his jeep money on a letter. He won’t share what’s inside.

Jeff notices that Troyzan is crying, and asks him what he’s missing right now. Troy says he feels completely alone. There might be a letter there from his brother or his dad, but he’s just got the feeling that he’ll have to do everything on his own.