But now it’s time for the immunity challenge. First up, a slip and slide to a ring that they must throw on to a hook. The winner goes on to the next part of the challenge. First off, the players have to coat themselves in oil, to better slip on the wet portion. Chelsea, Kat, Tarzan and Kim get through the first round. Troyzan is so upset to not qualify that he turns his back on the players, refusing to watch the rest of the game. The women think that’s hilarious.

Second verse, same as the first, but this time there are two rings to gather and throw on the hooks. Kim and Chelsea win, and move on to the third part which involves getting three rings onto the hooks. Kim wins immunity, safe from the night’s vote.

“Today was just a complete, utter disappointment. I was bummed out,” says Troyzan. But he’s still standing. Sabrina taunts him by saying, “you know what the odds are.” Troy responds, “I know what the odds are, but you don’t.” He thinks they probably still think he has an immunity idol, so will split the vote.

They do indeed think he may have an idol, so Kim decides they should throw two votes to Christina. After all, she already knows everyone dislikes her. Kat interviews that she’s getting tired of everyone telling her what to do, but adds that she can’t make a decision for herself, and doesn’t know what to do

The pig, apparently now a tribe pet, relaxes in the sand near the camp.

Sabrina tells Christina not to freak out when she sees her name at the vote; they’re splitting the vote in case Troyzan has an idol. But she’s not going home, rest assured. Christina confers with the other women, and says she’s okay with the plan. Alicia interviews that she’d freak out if she saw her name written down, but that Christina’s IQ is probably zero, so she hasn’t figured things out. As a Special Ed teacher, Alicia is handling Christina like one of her students. (That sound you hear is the sound of parents of Alicia’s students taking their children out of Alicia’s care.)

Christina and Troyzan chat as they sit in the ocean. She’s not quite as dumb as the women believe, and tells Troy about the women’s plan.  Christina says that she thinks the top two are Kim and Chelsea, but doesn’t know who the third will be. She’s ready to hear what Troy has to say.

Christina thinks she and Troy should vote for Chelsea. But the numbers are no longer there, and Troy can only hope to figure out who the other person is they’ll be choosing for the split voting. When he realizes its Christina, he knows he just needs one other person to vote Christina to send her home.

Kim has that covered, as she’s telling her supporters to not be swayed – they must vote Troyzan.  Troy canvasses Kat and Tarzan, hoping to get just one more person on his side. Kim says, “He’s just full of craziness and surprises. He’s just playing so hard.”

Time for Tribal Council, and the jury, now including Leif, files in. Jeff notes that it still appears to be the men versus the women. But of the six women, who is number six? Who is number five? Has that been talked about? Sabrina says that it hasn’t been talked about between all six of them, but it’s been clear since Day Two, and ever since. Jeff asks Christina if she knows what that means, and Christina admits that it’s never been clear who the top three are to be.

Jeff asks Christina point blank why she’s here, and Christina says it’s because she’s one lucky girl. Alicia snickers, and Jeff asks her why she’s laughing. Alicia says that the questions during the reward challenge indicated that the general consensus was that Christina didn’t deserve to be there.  Christina says that her feelings were very hurt, but she feels that no one’s gotten a chance to get to know her. Alicia says that Christina hasn’t had a strategy, but Christina says she has – she just hasn’t talked about it.

Jeff points out that this should be good news to Troyzan, as Christina has to defend herself within her own alliance. Troy says everyone knows Christina is on the bottom; it’s funny to listen to the women talk but not say anything. Troy adds that the truth was evident at the reward challenge, and the women are fooling themselves.

Kim admits that picking whom she’d take on the reward was a nightmare, especially knowing that Troy was staying behind, and had the opportunity to get into people’s heads. Jeff says he knows Kat was heartbroken at not being chosen, and she says it was more about Troy’s comment on the top three.  It made her question if she was a weak player and a follower who couldn’t see what was really going on.

It’s pretty clear that it’s going to be either Troyzan or somebody else that leaves tonight, says Jeff. So Troy, how hard did you try to make it someone else? How are you feeling right now? Troy says he’s feeling pretty good. And it’s time for the vote.

Troy votes for Christina, Christina votes for Chelsea. It’s one vote Chelsea, three votes Christina, and four votes Troyzan, so Troy becomes the 11th person voted out, and the fifth member of the jury. Troy whispers to Kat, “Do it,” as he leaves. Kat clearly has no idea what he’s talking about.

Jeff says, “It has been the mission of this group to get rid of Troyzan. Mission accomplished. Now what?”   

Next time on, Survivor: Tarzan is the last man standing. Can the women keep it together? As the women decide who’s next to leave, Chelsea says, “from here on out, it’s going to be a cat fight.”

Troyzan’s exit interview: “For the last eleven years I’ve been thinking I’m gonna get on Survivor, and my only objective is to be the winner, and I’m a bit sad that I didn’t reach my goal. Definitely, odds were against me, it was seven on one. But what can you do? I played exactly who I am. The fans out there I know are gonna love my game, and hopefully they’ll appreciate it.”

My thoughts: it looks like Kim is going to be sailing right through to the end, with a clear win. There is nothing as boring as that kind of game, so it will be hard to keep watching. After all these weeks, I still have trouble telling Kim and Chelsea apart, and have little emotional investment in any of the remaining women. Although I must say, Alicia is a cruel bully, with limited intelligence beyond a streetwise cunning.  I’m glad that Tarzan voted for Christina this week, so he was not an out and out traitor as he was last vote. I’m certainly not rooting for Tarzan to win, as he’s simply gone along with whoever he perceived to be in charge, in an effort to survive just a few more days. Perhaps the women want to take him to the end, believing that no one would possibly vote him as the winning Survivor. But that could backfire on them, as they begin to cannibalize their own tribe. Me, I think the camp pig should be the ultimate Survivor.

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