Last week on, Survivor: One World: Troyzan won immunity. The power group of women (Chelsea, Sabrina, Kim and Kat) picked Leif as the next to leave. But are Troy’s warnings beginning to alarm Christina and Alicia? Tarzan still thinks it’s smarter to vote with the women, rather than be exposed as being allied with Troy.

Tikiano, Day 28: Treemail invites the survivors to a reward challenge that will test their perceptions. Kat thinks it’s time that she enjoyed a reward.

At the challenge, the tribe is confronted by a row of dolls, roughly looking like themselves, which are tied by ropes over a fire.  Jeff Probst tells them they have to answer a series of questions about their tribe mates, which will then be tallied by him. They have to guess what the group said about them as a whole, which may be different from what was said by the individual. If they’ve guessed right, they get to chop at one of three areas holding the rope, until a doll falls into the flames. I know, it’s hard to explain. But it’s easy, just watch!

Reward will be a helicopter ride to an island for a picnic. Survivors ready?

Some of the questions are easy, while others are unkind. Who does not deserve to still be here? (Christina) Who would you trust with your life? (Kim) Who most needs a wakeup call in life?  (Kat) Who is the biggest poser? (Troyzan) Who does the least for their tribe? (Sabrina) Who would you most like to be stranded with on a desert island? (Kim) Who do you hope to never see again after the game (Troyzan)

Kim wins reward and chooses Alicia and Chelsea to join her at the picnic, despite Kat’s puppy dog pleading eyes. Troyzan taunts the remaining women, saying that Kim’s choices told the others exactly where they stood in rank.

The winners enjoy their first helicopter ride, and a blissful picnic. But their enjoyment is tempered by knowing that some people’s feelings were really hurt during the challenge, and damage control will be necessary when they get back.

Sure enough, the tribe members are having a pow-wow, and Kat’s the angriest. She’s hungry, she says, but she resents that Kim commented on her hunger.  And why did Troy have to say that Kim, Chelsea and Alicia were the final three? Troyzan is happy for the chance to be around the remaining members, and answer their questions, while putting a little fear in their minds. “Why didn’t she pick you, Kat?“ Troyzan tells Kat that she’s got to get a grasp; Kat thinks she’s in the know, but she’s actually not. His questions upset Kat so much that she leaves in tears.

Sabrina tells Kat that Kim left them behind because she trusted them enough not to falter, but Kat won’t be consoled. Kat can’t believe that Troy is saying that she’s the weakest member of the tribe!

Sabrina knows what Troyzan is trying to do. She thinks that he could easily win all of the remaining challenges. She asks him what his master plan would be. He says that Kim is as likely as he to win immunities, everyone likes her, and she has Chelsea as her second. But if they want him to help get rid of Kim, he’ll do so. Christina adds that they are obviously going to be picked off one by one, so he might have a point. Sabrina seizes on Christina’s answer as proof that Christina is not loyal to the women.

Kat is cold to Kim when the picnickers return, not wanting to speak to her. Later, Kim takes Kat aside and tells her that she adores her; she’s one of her favorite people. She had been planning to take Kat with her, but it’s a game for a million dollars, and she was being strategic. Kim tells Kat that this has been the worst day of the game for her, and she wishes she hadn’t won the challenge.   Kim realizes that not picking Kat was the first bad strategic move she’s made in the game.

Everyone’s made even more miserable when it begins to rain. As they all huddle under the tarp, Troyzan notices a large pig wandering through their camp. Alicia is first to jump to her feet. “Let’s kill it!” she says. “We need an axe! You can redeem yourself, Troy, just kill the pig!” Troy’s not so sure what they think they’re going to do with the pig should they catch it, but thinks at least it’s a bit of fun to watch them running around. Kim finally decides that the pig is too cute to kill, but they could keep it as a pet. She’s just glad the pig chase broke the tension in the camp.