Last week on, Survivor: One World the teams were randomly shuffled, and Colton found himself on a tribe of ‘misfits’ who ‘suck.’ From the first challenge it was clear that the ‘mighty vs scrawny’ division would leave the Manono tribe defenseless against the ‘Greek Gods’ of Silani.  Silani’s Jay and Troyzan formed an alliance with Kim and Chelsea. Kim found a hidden immunity idol, and shared the news with Chelsea. Manono’s Colton, on the other hand, was determined to get rid of Monica, the tribe’s only asset. With sycophant bitchy Alicia by his side, he coerced the ‘peasants’ into agreement, keeping Monica and Christina out of the loop. When Monica was blindsided, Christina realized that she was next to be sacrificed.

After Tribal Council, Alicia and Colton were as giddy as rats in a toilet. They had blindsided Monica, and let Christina know that she was next. Cuddling with Alicia, Colton began an active and vocal campaign against Christina, goading her to either quit, or wait to be picked off at Tribal. “I don’t really care if Christina knows she’s going home next – there’s nothing that can save her.Tthe more defeated she is, the easier she’ll be to get rid of,”  says Colton.

“Honestly, Christina, you’ve been this season’s cockroach. Like, you’ve survived things because of different things that have happened.“ Mean Girls Colton and Alicia picked away at Christina until they wore themselves out with their own viciousness, leaving them only enough strength to deny Christina a place to sleep.  Christina finally said, “I think Alicia is genuinely not a good person. She has a lack of integrity. And Colton is a jerk. I’m gonna let other people see that. All gloves are off and I’m ready to fight.”   

Silani woke slowly, grumbling about the cold. Kat, in a pink hoody that somehow managed to cover one side of her face, told the tribe about her nightmare in which Alicia killed her at the mall. Treemail arrived and threw them all into a frenzy. It read: “If you were still a kid, you’d play this in your backyard. And if you’re starving for something sweet I bet you’d play real hard.” They all drool at the thought of a reward featuring chocolate, or ice cream. And they wonder what the game could be, but figure it won’t matter, since they’re pitted against Manono’s weak and goofy tribe.


The challenge is a game of toss, complicated by the need to bounce the coconut off a trampoline, to hit one of five targets. They also have to run and climb up a series of three crates before taking their shot. Whichever team knocks out all five targets wins reward, a trip to a Survivor-style Ice Cream Parlor, where they can gorge on ice cream with all the fixings.

Both teams swoon at the thought, but it takes forever before anyone hits a target. Colton, the fearless leader, begs his team to “please please please” win him the ice cream, but neither he nor Alicia are able to land a single coconut. He does find the time, however, to call Christina a ‘stupid idiot’ for not running fast enough.   

After the challenge, Colton could not help himself from interviewing that “Christina… just ticked me off. I’m just so ready for Christina to be gone. But she drives me insane. I hate her voice, I hate her face, I hate everything about her. “

Silani thoroughly enjoyed their ice cream parlor visit, gobbling up as much as they could stomach. Not only do they enjoy the treat, just eating from a spoon was a treat. They also feasted on the unity and strength of their tribe. They know what winning, and reward, tastes like.

Over at Manono, Colton coaches Alicia with more evil things to say to Christina. He and Alicia giggle as he taunts Christina. “You can quit, or you can enjoy your last two days. Or you can jump into the fire and be med-evaced, whichever one is more convenient for you.”

When Tarzan asks for a quick chat with Colton, Alicia tags along, leaving Christina alone with Jonas and Leif.  Jonas notes that Colton and Alicia have to get personal and rub insults in. “It’s not enough that they have the power to vote them off, they kinda just have to get one last twist of the knife in.”

Christina pleads her case with Jonas and Leif, telling them that Alicia’s true alliance is still with the women, while she has no ties to anyone. They should be aware that Alicia will revert to her original alliance in the event of a merge.  Alicia walks up as Christina tells the boys, “it’s either me, or her.”

Alicia launches into a tirade. “Game over, girl. You cannot play this game. You suck at it. You’re digging yourself in a bigger grave. “ Alicia says that Christina is just telling lies, but actually, Alicia is worried that Jonas and Leif will find out that she does, in fact, have a female alliance. “I need to be in control. So that’s why, she’s going.”

But where’s Alicia when Colton begins to complain about a bad headache? She’s trying to sleep, while Christina, with Colton’s head in her lap, tries to sooth his pain with soft words and massage. He then says that it feels like someone took a knife to his stomach, and cut over to the right side.