Last week on, Survivor: One World. For the first time in Survivor history, the Final Five are all women, vying for the million dollar grand price, and the title of Sole Survivor. Despite the men taking an early lead, poor gamesmanship (and the evil Colton) led to every male competitor being voted out of the tribe. After 36 days, only Kim, Chelsea, Alicia, Sabrina and Christina remain. Kim still holds a hidden immunity idol, and seems to be the most powerful player left. Chelsea and Sabrina have made no enemies. Alicia believes she is running the game. Christina’s been the underdog since the first day, and had her name written down more often than anyone else. Who will survive the final days to win the title?

Tikiano, night 36. The women are elated to be the Final Five. Alicia believes that getting rid of Tarzan may have diminished her powers, since she controlled Tarzan’s vote, but is confident that she, Kim and Chelsea will be the Final Three.   

Day 37. Sabrina and Kim fetch the morning’s treemail. Kim lets Sabrina know that Chelsea is their biggest threat. Sabrina wonders how loyal Kim really is, since Chelsea’s been Kim’s closest companion since Day One.

The first immunity challenge involves balance, strength and memory. The survivors will have to race across a balance beam maze, and then traverse a giant rope net, collecting five bags of puzzle pieces. They must then solve the puzzle to discover the numbers necessary to open a combination lock.

Christina and Kim take an early lead. Alicia accidentally unties a few bags belonging to other players.  Kim is the first to solve the puzzle, but then has to figure out the clues to find the numbers that will open the lock. She’s the first to try the combination, but can’t open the lock. Kim perseveres, wins immunity for the third time, and hugs Chelsea.

Back at camp, Kim has to worry about whom she’ll send to the jury. Should she stick with Chelsea? Or would it be wiser to remove Chelsea, who’s always been honest with her? Chelsea wants Kim to give her the idol, so that she’ll be safe regardless of the vote. Alicia still believes that Kim will take her to the end.

At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst asks Alicia what the vibe has been like at camp. She says it’s been pretty quiet, considering. Chelsea admits that there’s a certain amount of paranoia going on. Jeff asks Kim how it feels to be the only person not on the chopping block that evening. She’s calm as she says that loyalty has been very important in the game, but of course, she has to decide how to separate her head and her heart when deciding how to proceed. Jeff asks if anyone has anything else to say before the vote. Chelsea says that Kim’s decision may have a big impact on the jury. Kim says she has to stay true to her vision of the game.

Jeff reminds them that this is the last chance to play any hidden immunity idols. Kim says nothing, and Alicia is voted out, although Chelsea gets two votes. From the jury, Kat murmurs that Kim has backstabbed both Alicia and herself.  

Alicia interviews that Kim played a good game, and that she should never have let Tarzan be voted off, as he was important to her position of power. She also says that she carried Christina along when others wanted to vote her out, so “Christina, you suck.”

Back at camp, Christina also feels that Alicia got played, and wonders how this will affect her position. Chelsea feels grateful to still be playing. But who’s going to be next out? Sabrina is a real threat. Christina is not well spoken, so could potentially harm herself in front of the jury. Much will depend on the winner of the next challenge.

Day 38. Christina collects the treemail, which asks the Final Four to walk the trail of the torches of the fallen players. We’re treated to flashbacks of those who have left the game, through injury or strategy.  A ceremonial pyre is lit before the ladies head to the final immunity challenge.