Previously on, Survivor: One World. Kim and the women have taken out the men systematically since the merge, leaving Troyzan on the chopping block. With his back against the wall, Troyzan needed to win immunity. The women believed Troyzan might have another immunity idol, and decided to split their votes. But Troyzan got wind of the plan when Christina spilled the beans. Needing only one more person to split the votes towards Christina, Troyzan appealed to Kat. At Tribal Council, Christina was on the hot seat. In the end, Troyzan was the fifth man to join the jury, but he delivered a message to Kat before he left. Seven are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Tikiano, Night 30. Kat tells the other women about Troyzan’s final words to her. She can’t figure out why he’d pick her, or what he meant. Kim feels physically relieved that Troy is gone. The women let Christina know that Troy actually voted for her, and she could have gone home that night. Alicia gloats that everyone says she’s at the bottom of the pecking order. Little do they know, she’s at the top, controlling everything. She thinks she’s the most powerful player in the game.   

Tikiano, Day 31. Alicia and Sabrina collect treemail, and discover a box marked Sprint in the basket.  The survivors gather around to hear the messages from their loved ones. Everyone cries happy tears to see their families. Even Tarzan shows emotion when he sees and hears his wife.

Jeff Probst welcomes the competitors to the reward challenge and surprises them with their family members. Everyone has a chance to hug and talk. Kat actually crawls towards her cousin, speaking their own odd language. Tarzan drops to his knees when he sees wife Terry, and tells Jeff that he and Terry have a ‘quantum entanglement’

Okay, enough fun; on to the challenge. The players will be attached to a rope that is woven through a series of obstacles. They will race to untangle the rope and make their way through the course. First one to finish wins a date with their loved one at a beautiful spot, where they will share fish, chicken, beef kabobs, and margueritas.  It will be their chance to share a once in a lifetime experience. 

Oh, and by the way? Their loved ones will be attached to them during the challenge as well. That will certainly narrow the competition!

Survivors ready? Kim and sister Beth take an early lead, with Chelsea and her dad a close second. Tarzan and his wife never leave the starting post. Kat and her cousin bring up the rear.  Unbelievably, Kat and her cousin Robbie win!

Given the chance to pick one other pair to join her, Kat chooses Kim and her sister Beth, despite Kim’s not choosing her to share the last reward challenge. Offered another choice, Kat picks Alicia and her sister Denise. As the other survivors look on longingly, Kat offers a joking explanation; she’s wanted to ‘hang out’ with Kim and Alicia for such a long time, especially with alcohol involved. Sabrina and Chelsea grumble that Tarzan and Christina should have been picked to share time with their loved ones. Even Kim interviews that it was an incredibly selfish move on Kat’s part.

Oh well, on to Kat’s party! Kat’s still exulting over her win; it’s her first, and she feels she deserved to win. She’s aware she may have chosen the wrong people, but she’s there to party. She’ll have fun, and then deal with things later. She thinks that she’s sitting with the final three – herself, Kim and Alicia.

They talk strategy over the meal. But when Kim has a moment with sister Beth, Kim says she thinks this group is her best option. Alicia won’t get many votes, as she’s not well liked. And Kat would be the person that would have a show made about her and how a million dollars ruined her life. Essentially, Kim is now ready to throw all her previous alliances under the bus, so that she can win the prize.

Back at camp, Sabrina continues to say that Tarzan should have been chosen to enjoy the away day with his wife, and that Kat showed herself to be totally selfish. She also thinks Christina should have had a chance to spend time with her father, who recently had a kidney transplant. She tells everyone that this move is enough reason for her to want to vote off Kat. Chelsea proposes that they all vote for Kat, but Tarzan says that would be an error; Kat is not a thinker. Thinkers are more dangerous. But Chelsea’s worried that Kat’s social game with the males will work in Kat’s favor. Chelsea feels that Kat screwed up, and no one wants to go to the end with her, especially since Troy’s parting words to her have set the rest of the players on edge. Chelsea with confer with Kim, but she believes that Kat should be next to go.

The next day, Kim and Chelsea strategize. They know that there are some who want Kat to be knocked off next, but Alicia and Sabrina are also targets. Kim thinks that they should target Sabrina first, as Sabrina is the only person who knows that Kim and Chelsea have a plan. Kim had been thinking that winning immunity might not be smart, but has realized that she needs to try to win every immunity from here on in.

And speaking of immunity, it’s time for the challenge. The players will be standing on a ledge over the water, holding on to a handle behind their backs. The handles are attached to a winch, and each time Jeff cranks it, they will be lowered closer to the water. When the strain is too much, the player will fall into the water. Last person standing wins immunity.