Awww, 'tis the tearjerker episode of Survivor.You know, the one where they use some sort of product placement techie gadget to tease tribe members with videos and photos of their cute kids, siblings, and spouses before bringing them out in person to join in a Reward Challenge. My husband and I always laugh and roll our eyes and call them all sorts of derogatory names. We could go 39 days with no contact, sure! That's the blink of an eye, right? Silly Survivors. Truth is, I would probably blubber about incoherently like an idiot, with snot running down my face while sporting some major Tammy Faye mascara streaks. I think I could do it, but I recently went to California for 3 days, and spent half the time calling my small children, and the other half pining for them. I'm such a hypocrite, aren't I?

In this particular family challenge, tribemates had to run down a plank, jump in the water and retrieve a couple of bags of letter tile pieces. Loved ones then had to form a familiar saying with the tiles, in this case, "Family comes first." Continuing his streak, Chase and his mom Connie win, and Chase chooses Sash and Holly to share his reward of a feast with their loved ones, complete with beer and champagne. A visibly upset Fabio whines for a minute before his momma shushes him and tells him to stay strong. Back at camp, Jane joins in on the Chase-bashing and complains that Chase promised her reward. She feels like the "4th person in a 4 way alliance," and that worries her a bit. Nice foreshadowing edit.

Later, knowing that his booty is on the line, Fabio is victorious over Chase and the others in an immunity challenge that involved blindfolds, hitching posts, and wooden symbols. He later suggests to Chase that they vote out Jane, considering the fact that she would stomp all over any of them in the popularity contest that is the final million dollar vote. Chase is gunning for Dan, but mentions Fabio's idea to Sash and Holly, who seem to agree that getting rid of Jane is a smarter strategy. They make this important decision about 8 feet away from where Jane is gathering firewood or doing something camp-like and outdoorsy, I really can't tell. She makes her way to her trustworthy alliance and asks if the plan is still to vote out Dan. The three hem and haw for a moment before finally telling Jane that they are skeered to death that she will beat them in the final 2, and therefore, she gots to go.

Jane takes it in stride before promising the "wrath of Jane" would break out later that night. She later throws a couple of big ol' buckets of water on the fire that she originally started, leaving the camp with not so much as a tiny flicker or flame.

At Tribal, Jane calls out the alliance of three, reminding everyone of Crazy Holly that destroyed Dan's $1400 shoes in Episode 2 (or 3, who can keep track), saying "where I come from, you'd go to jail." Probst then brews up some trouble by suggesting that Jane, Fabio and Dan form their own alliance and force a tie. While Dan and Fabio agree that it could be a beneficial move, neither of them follow through with it, but instead join the 3-strong alliance to vote out our favorite little spitfire farmer from North Carolina.

I like Jane, I really do. She honestly played the game with a great deal of integrity and never lied, at least to my knowledge. But they were right on to get her out. She would swept the floor with any of them at the final vote, and keeping her indeed might have been a $1 million mistake.

Only one Survivor episode left. Who do you want to take the prize? I think I'm Team Fabio- he's the only one that deserves to be there that doesn't irk my very last nerve.