*Spoiler Alert*
Who would have thought that after 10 seasons Survivor would still be going so strong? Perhaps the main reason we all watch is because we want to be there. Who wouldn't be interested in 39 days away from the material world and a chance for an adventure of a lifetime (not to mention a million bucks)?

Each new season features challenges that really don't vary much from previous incarnations: obstacle courses, puzzles, and strength and endurance tests that rely on both individual prowess as well as the ability to work as a team. Minor twists keep it interesting, but are usually nothing more than a team mix-up or a double tribal-council. Yet we keep watching. Why? Because we know how to play the game, simply from sitting on our couches every Thursday night and tuning in. We see things that the players don't, but we also see what the players do see and are somehow still surprised at what happens in the end.

Call it 'Friday morning quarterbacking' if you will.

But what should have happened last night, didn't. Looking at past versions of the game, usually the guy with the big mouth didn't last much longer than the day he started spouting his thoughts. Boston Rob started stirring the pot and speaking his mind very openly on Survivor: Marquesas, and was almost immediately voted off after doing so. Remember Coby from last season (Palau)? His breakdown at tribal council led to him getting axed that very night when it looked like he'd make it through tribal just fine.

So why is Jamie still around? Because despite running his mouth off during a reward challenge, the members of the Nakum tribe who went into the merge with the 6-4 majority could have (and should have) voted him off. They still would have retained the majority regardless of who won immunity at the next challenge, but instead silently decided to stick together and go with their original plan of ousting Brandon first, and then picking off the remaining members of Yaxha. It's a good bet that Jamie is tops on the list after they're ousted. Bobby Jon accused him of having "no class" after he sat out the immunity challenge with Stephenie, Rafe and Lydia and enjoyed a feast (where everyone who participated in the immunity challenge wasn't allowed to join in) and teased and taunted the former Yaxha members, explaining Nakum's plan for voting them off, one by one.

Also last night, a great new twist was added to this season. In addition to the individual immunity challenges, a small immunity idol has been hidden somewhere in the surrounding jungle. The person who finds the idol needn't tell anyone they have it until they use it. Or they can let everyone know if they want. At any rate, this new element completely changes the game if anyone should be able to find it. It also changes the game for the show's producers. Think about it-- all the footage showing everyone out looking for it, not to mention Bobby Jon coming within about 25 feet of it, probably will lead to nothing. It's a good bet that we're not going to know if anyone found it until it's presented at tribal council.

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