***Spoiler Alert***
Wow! Who would have thought that Stephenie and Bobby Jon, the two contestants brought back from last season's Survivor: Palau, would make it all the way to the merge? Surprising, to say the least, since the two have already had their chance on the show.

After last week's show, where Margaret was ousted after a tribal council argument with a semi-drunk Judd, this week's Survivor started with the boisterous, never-afraid-to-say-what-he-thinks contestant (who has been full of hysterical, yet mindless, quotes) confessing, "Hopefully I'll be laughing my ass to the bank, and she will be home making chicken wings or something." A classic!

After an interesting reward challenge, the Yaxha tribe won rides through the forest canopy on zip-lines, where a feast of assorted chocolate treats awaited them. Since the Mayans were the discoverers of chocolate this was only fitting as the reward.

Upon their return trip, Yaxha paddled over to Nakum's camp and invited them back to theirs for a party in the crocodile-proof pool and to celebrate Danii's birthday. Nakum tribe member Jamie wasn't thrilled about being at the enemy camp, and rushed his tribemates to a hasty, uncomfortable exit. They called him on it and he explained how he felt about the "enemy." That could spell bad news for Jamie since the merge would follow at the end of the show, instead of on next week's episode.

Nakum went on to win immunity, building a large puzzle with pieces that were buried in a plot of earth that the two tribes had to dig out. Yaxha went on to tribal council as five, and voted out Amy.

When tribal council was over, host Jeff Probst handed the tribe of four a bag full of new buffs, telling them not to go back to camp, but to return to Nakum's camp as the tribes would now merge. He went through the usual rules of coming up with a new name and look, sending Yaxha off on their way.

Previews for next week's show emphasized some tension between the two former tribes on the first day of their merge, and showed some reactions to yet another big surprise. Stay tuned...

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