I'm an avid fan of "Survivor." I have been since the first episode of the first season. What's not to love? With the amount of scheming, deception and backstabbing, I always found myself thinking of people that I would want to see wasting away on "Survivor." This list usually included people that I intensely disliked because the experience can be tough on some people.

I have assembled my list of celebrities, historical figures and fictional characters that I would love to have on my island. The latest season had 16 people, so that's the number I'm going with.

1. Fidel Castro
This is an island, and on this island you need someone who is going to organize all of the other alpha dogs to get to work. You know, so they don't die and they can participate in all of the challenges. Fidel will make sure everyone is working for the greater good. Until, that is, he gets voted off the first week.

2. Vincent Price
Every season of "Survivor" needs an elder statesman, and this is my pick. Good old Vince will thoroughly creep out everyone with his stories of the macabre. He probably won't last long either. I don't think anyone would want to sleep with him around.

3. David Hasselhoff
The ultimate go-getter. The Hoff is good looking enough to not be targeted early. He would probably insist on singing, which may work in Germany, but it won't work on this island. He won't win, but he'll look good trying.

4. Jackie Chan
Jackie will distinguish himself by scaling trees for coconuts. When the coconuts are consumed, he will then amuse others by dropping the aforementioned nuts on his head. He seems to be a good natured type of guy, so I could see him contending.

5. Shaggy (from Scooby Doo)
The ultimate slacker would end up quitting because his stash ran out, but before that he would amuse viewers by trying to smoke everything and anything on the island. Not the most dedicated laborer by any means, and the group would tire of his antics quickly.

6. The Girls Next Door
I'm using these three ladies as a single pick because I can. This island will definitely need some eye candy; every prior season of survivor has had at least one. These three will fill their role to the hilt and may slide through to the finals because they're easy on the eyes, and they are surely fun whenever the show provides alcohol, or a slip and slide.

7. Snoop Dogg
Snoop and Shaggy would form a quick alliance, much to the dismay of the rest of the cast. But Snoop will stick around much longer than Shaggy because Snoop is a pimp, and his pimphand is the strongest on the island.

8. Howard Hughes
This eccentric germophobe is on my island for one reason only. I want to see how he would react to the dirt, bugs and lack of hygiene. Every good season of survivor has at least one major freak out, and Howard would provide it in spades.