Last week on, Survivor: Brandon blew a gasket, his tribe forfeited immunity, and voted Brandon out of the game. Reynold found a second Hidden Immunity Idol (HII).

After Brandon left, the Bikal tribe worried that Brandon’s actions had given the Gota tribe an advantage, and a renewed hope. Phillip felt Brandon’s word had damaged his own game play. Corinne was angered that no one jumped in to defend either she or Phillip from Brandon’s rants. Phillip gave the group a pep talk, and told them that they’re still the better team, and will win the game, but in private, decided that Corinne is next to go, as she’s only out for herself. Cochran interviewed that having Brandon in the group was like living in a certified asylum; with Brandon gone, they’re just left with Phillip.

The Gota tribe is delighted when treemail invites them to a Reward Challenge – they’re hungry! But there must have been more instructions given to the tribes, as they both show up for the challenge with their bags. Jeff Probst welcomes them, and then asks how Brandon’s meltdown affected the tribes. Michael says it was good to finally feel something good together. Matt admits that they were envious of the Favorites, and it was good to find out that they had their own difficulties to contend with. He adds that he particularly felt sorry for Phillip, who’s been accused of being “the crazy one” when Brandon’s actions of destroying the camp’s food showed who the true crazy was.

Phillip says that the Faves are doing so much better now, with peace and harmony. Probst asks if both tribes feel good, with their tribal unity, and then proceeds to shake things up – it’s egg smacking time!

Yes, there’ll be some swapping going on. There are two bowls from which each tribe picks an egg, so there won’t be too enormous a shuffle. Everyone grabs an egg and breaks it open, splattering themselves with wet paint. The new Gota tribe is Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Malcolm, Sherri, Erik and Brenda. The new Bikal tribe consists of Corinne, Michael, Matt, Dawn, Phillip, Cochran, and Julia.  As Cochran says, “the game just started anew.”

Everyone seems to be happy with the swap, and they are even happier when Jeff says they’ll each be given another bag of rice, and a new flint. He sends them off to mingle with their new tribe in their new homes.

Now on Gota, Reynold is relieved; the tension of his old group was wearing him out. And Eddie’s delighted, because he feels they’ve got all the good people. Typically, he interviews that he’s “ecstatic. We’re a young, good looking tribe.” Reynold is quick to tell Malcolm and Erik that he and Eddie have been Sherri’s targets since Day One, and they are on board if they want her voted out. Erik’s leery of Reynold’s used car salesman style pitch.

Meanwhile, Sherri’s girl talking with Andrea and Brenda, giving them the lowdown on Eddie and Reynold. Andrea feels like Sherri’s loose lips have given away far too much about the dynamics of the Fans tribe. Good for the Faves, but not a wise move on Sherri’s part for future game play. It’s becoming clear that the groups may have been switched around, but the Faves’ loyalty remains to each other.

Andrea and Malcolm have a sneaky talk, and she fills him in on Reynold’s having had and played a HII already. They are confident that the three Fans are divided, so numbers are still heavily in their favor. Andrea says she had a dream that Malcolm had found an idol, but he lies, and says he doesn’t.

On Bikal, Matt, Julia and Michael are the newcomers. Corinne would be happy to align with gay Michael, but knows that the others in the Faves alliance will not be flipping. Phillip, in his ‘at home’ pink undies, chats up Julia, hinting that he can take her to the merge, if she sides with him. Julia is skeptical, but plays it cool.

He then tells Corinne that he’s already working on flipping Julia. Corinne is not impressed – they have the numbers already. She wonders if the USA is in such a mess because of ‘federal agents’ like Phillip. She rushes off to tell Dawn about Phillip’s latest antics. Dawn is predictably appalled. Corinne cracks that Phillip needs “a warm glass of shut up.”