Last week on, Survivor: Stealth R Us wanted Eddie, Reynold and Malcolm out of the game. But Malcolm had a daring plan, and Phillip, so sure he was safe, found himself voted off the Island. The Three Amigos won that round, but will they continue their winning streak?

Malcolm says, “With the execution of The Specialist Phillip Sheppard, hopefully Stealth R Us will fracture.” Cochran just hopes that he never hears the phrase, “Stealth R Us” again. And Erik tells us that Phillips departure has rocked the stability of the game, but left him personally in a great spot.

Day 29: Everyone is exhausted and hungry. Cochran continues to feed off the drama of the previous night’s Tribal Council. But Brenda’s starting to break down. She’s lost a lot of weight, and she’s dehydrated and depressed. She’s also still reeling from the Three Amigos taking control. It’s all starting to take a toll on our quasi-Baywatch babe.

Treemail! And there are nine envelopes waiting … it’s a food auction! Cochran guesses what’s happening immediately. Malcolm wonders if there’s a chance he could buy a clue to another hidden immunity idol, or some sort of advantage.

Jeff Probst welcomes the Survivors into the Survivor Auction. They each have $500.00 to spend. No sharing of money! No sharing of food! All bids are to be in $20 increments.

Malcolm’s the first to bid and win on a beer and some nuts … He drains the beer in one gulp. Reynold pays $180 for a covered item, and is offered a Monty Hall choice … he can choose between his original item or two other hidden items, one bad, and one good. He sticks with his choice, and gets a slice of pizza. Sherri offers $500 for the other choice … the rest of the pizza.

Dawn buys a whole roasted chicken for $500. The next item up is information in the game ... Malcolm offers his remaining allowance of $480 and wins. He’s allowed only 60 seconds to read the clue – directions to a hidden immunity idol.

Andrea gets the next item … for $280 she gets spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and a glass of red wine. But, if she gives it up, she can take rice and beans back to the tribe. Andrea reluctantly takes the rice and beans for the good of the tribe.

The next item is an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. Although Brenda and Reynold bid, $340 wins it for Cochran, the Challenge Machine. It’s a sealed note, which must be kept sealed until the challenge.  

Brenda finally bids, and spends $300 for a covered item. But it’s a pig brain. She takes a bite. It’s not only awful, she doesn’t eat pork. But, hopefully it’s good protein, so she takes it away.

Next up, letters from loved ones! Only $20 each! Dawn and Sherri cry, as they haven’t any money left. Reynold uses the last of his money to buy them all, and then passes them out to everyone.

Eddy manages to buy an entire bowl of peanut butter, but it must be shared … and oh, how they love it! Everyone dives in … and Cochran shows a sexy side when Sherri feeds him peanut butter from her fingers. Covered in peanut butter, the tribe heads back to their beach.