On Gota, Michael is getting really peeved with the Faves. “They have a bounty of stuff back at their camp!” But Shamar is, as usual, taking things lying down. For at least 19 hours a day. And now he has new demands. If he’s going to stay in Survivor, there’ll be some changes made! “I’m not leaving, but y’all gonna bring me rice once a day,” he orders.

Say what? Now even Sherri has had it, but darned if she doesn’t go and bring him his rice anyway! With Shamar acting like a big baby, howling winds, and an infestation of rats within the shelter, Gota is miserable.

The next morning, Shamar has a bigger problem. He’s gotten sand in his eye, and has somehow scratched his cornea. (I’ve had that – it’s incredibly painful.) Jeff arrives with the medical team, and it seems that there has been some damage done by Shamar rubbing his eye. There is no choice but to take him out of the game.

My first thought was that the Production team had just had enough of Shamar’s whining, but this injury could not be faked. So – it’s goodbye Shamar; sorry about the eye, but not really sorry to see you go. As Reynold interviewed, “When Shamar was claiming his eye was scratched so bad, I was thinking he emotionally didn’t want to play anymore. But it turned out it was very serious. So that’s my mistake. Still, he was disrespectful, lazy, and I’m just happy that he’s gone.”

Reynold’s not so pleased when he realizes that the target has been placed back upon his and Eddie’s backs. Now, Eddie and Reynold are both big, fit men, and bring a great deal to the challenges. Sherri, and especially Laura, are very thin women, and I doubt Laura could lift anything more than a 5 pound bag of oranges without strain. Let’s have an Immunity Challenge, and see how everyone does, shall we?

The Faves strut in, with Brandon toting the tiny Bikal buff-wearing Immunity Idol. The Fans are not as cocky, with their numbers now down to seven. The Challenge is another water based game, with everyone running and swimming out to a platform, from which they must jump and smash a tile. The tile releases a buoy that holds a key. The teams will need to retrieve five keys, and then try to open a chest that has three locks. Inside the chest are sand bags which they must throw at a row of blocks, until all are down. Survivors ready?

Sherri fails to break the tile on her first attempt, and the Faves take the lead. Phillip and Cochran zip through the unlocking task, but the Fans have Reynold on their side for the sand bag tossing, and he has a deadly arm. Again, it is truly neck and neck, with Reynold and Phillip battling it out to the final block. And Phillip wins immunity for the Favorites! Yay for The Specialist!

Without Reynold’s amazing pitching arm, the Fans wouldn’t have even come close to a possible win. So it’s mind boggling when Sherri and Laura continue to push for dumping either Reynold (who has an idol) or Eddie, the other very athletic male in the tribe. Matt and Michael see that they have to keep Reynold and Eddie, but Reynold’s been lied to before – he’s not going to trust anyone.

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