Tribal Council begins, and the jury files in, now with Erik as one of the jurors. Erik looks much better. Eddie admits that Erik being pulled was a huge advantage for himself and Sherri, the two players Erik planned to take with him to the end.

Cochran says that he’s still riding the high of winning immunity. Eddie notes that Dawn has made huge moves in the game, while he’s not done very much in terms of strategy. Sherri is not mentioned. When Jeff asks Sherri how she feels about being the invisible fourth, Sherri admits that she’s been sitting quietly throughout the whole game; everyone has underestimated her staying power.

When the votes are read, it’s Eddie who becomes the 17th person voted out.  Both Eddie and Dawn are surprised. Jeff tells the Final Three that they have one last night of play, and suggests they’ll need a good night’s sleep before facing the Jury at the Final Tribal Council.

Day 39. Sherri sits at Cochran’s feet, soaking up his wisdom. A full and wonderful meal is set up for the Final Three, and they all dig in. Sherri’s still awed to be enjoying this final day. Dawn, as well, is exultant at reaching the end of the game, feeling that this time, she’s made all of her own decisions. She thinks that she and Cochran are having a story book ending.

Cochran’s got a lot on his mind, too. He’s written papers on the game of Survivor, but nothing could have prepared him for the reality. He feels it’s his game to lose, but still doesn’t feel confident.

Before they know it, its night and time for the jury to take the stage at Final Tribal Council. Jeff addresses Dawn, Cochran and Sherri, congratulating them on making it to the end. It’s now time for them to plead their case to the jury, before the jury has their turn to ask questions, and then to choose a winner.

Dawn begins, and admits that she allied with Cochran from the get go, but decided she had to make her own decisions this time around. She’s proud of her game and of her decisions.

Sherri’s next. She confesses that, beyond being a wife and mum, she’s a successful business owner with 75 employees. The jury is shocked.

Cochran reiterates his glee and surprise in having become a Challenge Monster, but says that he felt his main role was as a peace maker, and he feels it did it well. He is proud of his game, he owns it, and he believes he deserves to win.

It’s now time for the jury to speak. Malcolm congratulates the trio. He tells Dawn she has to own up to her game play, and be either the mother of 6, or the cold blooded player. And he asks Cochran what quality enabled Cochran to make it to the end that Malcolm lacked. Cochran admits he can’t believe that Malcolm could ever lack confidence.

Eddie accuses Dawn of being a mess throughout the game, always teary, who now wants to claim that she was strong and strategic throughout, and asks Sherri if she felt she got carried to the final three. Cochran tells Eddie that the game has given him great confidence, and he’d now feel comfortable hanging out in a bar with guys like Eddie.

Phillip rescinds Sherri’s membership in “Stealth R Us,” and then tells Dawn that her weepiness made camp life very uncomfortable for everyone. Cochran he calls a class act, whom he enjoyed playing the game with.

Erik attacks Dawn for being a traitor to Brenda, and is another one to ask Sherri if she understands that she’s in the Final Three purely by default. Sherri defends herself angrily, telling Erik to sit down.

Michael asks Dawn why she thinks everyone is on Cochran’s side, but not on hers. She claims that she made a lot of decisions for Cochran. Cochran’s happy to hear that people are coming down heavier on Dawn than him, but angered that Dawn is taking credit for the strategical moves.

Reynold is even crueler, calling Dawn a complete fraud and disingenuous. Dawn says that she’s glad to hear his words, as she had no idea people thought she was a phony. Dawn calls Eddie chauvinistic and vulgar, with a great sense of humor.  He agrees with her assessment, and tells Dawn she needs to own her anger, and admit to them and herself that she feels like she kicked everyone’s butt. She agrees.

Andrea asks Cochran his secret; he says he was a chameleon, who changed his colors to blend in as the game progressed. Andrea praises Dawn for playing a good game.

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