As the episode begins, only Cochran, Dawn, Eddie, Sherri and Erik are left in the game. After Tribal Council, Erik begins to feel dazed and disoriented, his head spinning. Jeff Probst comes to his aid, and brings in the medical team to assess Erik’s condition. His pulse is low, as is his blood pressure, and after 36 days, Erik has to be pulled from the game, for medical reasons. As the others say goodbye, Jeff gives them a pep talk, telling them they have to stay strong. There are only three days left, and one of the four will be winning the million dollar prize.

Back at camp, Cochran’s already thinking strategy, and knows he must make a move towards Eddie, before anyone else gets to him. He and Eddie decide that they’ll take Sherri to the Final Three, voting out Dawn next.

Everyone’s thrilled that there will be a Reward Challenge, hoping the reward will be food. But Jeff tells them that the reward is an advantage, to be used in the final Immunity Challenge. The Survivors have to build a tall house of cards (wooden tiles) to win, using one hand to hold on to a rope to steady a balancing board, and the other to place the tiles.

This is a challenge that requires patience and concentration. Everyone’s card stack falls at least once, and Dawn is just one card away from the top when her tower collapses. Eddie’s so close, multiple times, but can’t get his tower high enough. Sherri and Cochran are neck and neck, when Sherri’s structure collapses, and the Challenge Monster wins again! Jeff hands Cochran the sealed advantage, to be opened at the Immunity Challenge.

Cochran interviews that he’s happy to have won, not only to continue his winning streak, but to keep the advantage out of anyone else’s hands. He’s tired of Dawn’s incessant weeping, and now, a catatonic paranoia. He reassures her that she’s safe, while telling the audience that every day with her has been like a rollercoaster, but not a fun ride. She should be paranoid, because he’s had enough.

Treemail on Morning 38 excites Cochran, as it announces that they’ll do the traditional “Walk of Shame” to honor the fallen comrades. As they encounter each totem, they reminisce. Brandon, Shamar, Phillip and his pink underwear, are remembered, as well as the lesser lights that didn’t make as big an impact.

Jeff welcomes everyone to the Immunity Challenge. He warns them that this final challenge will take everything they have, physically and mentally. They must first race up a three story structure, retrieving bags of puzzle pieces, then race to a slide, finally untying the bags, and solving the puzzle. Cochran finds out that his advantage is that his puzzle bags will already be untied, saving him significant time in the trial.  

As the challenge begins, Cochran has a huge advantage, as he’s on his third bag when the others are still struggling with their second. He has all of his puzzle pieces out, ready to be assembled, and begins the puzzle.

But Eddie’s right behind him, and Dawn isn’t far behind Eddie. Sherri is impossibly slow. Cochran has trouble with the puzzle, allowing Dawn to catch up. Even Sherri has more pieces in play than Cochran or Eddie. Eddie doesn’t have a chance, as Dawn and Sherri race to finish. But it’s Cochran for the win... and the final Immunity. Four individual challenge wins for the geeky nerd! Probst praises an exultant Cochran, who is flushed and blushing as the Immunity Necklace is put around his neck.

And he’s still scheming. Cochran interviews that he’s still trying to figure out who will win second place, who will be beside him in the Final Three. “Do I want to bring Dawn and her constant emotional outbursts, or Eddie, a chauvinistic 23-year-old idiot?” A weepy Dawn tries to ensure that Cochran is still on her side. Eddie tells Cochran that he’s no threat; he’s an idiot, who’s never talked strategy throughout the game. Cochran’s biggest question is whether he can beat Sherri or Dawn for the million dollars.