This challenge will begin with three members of each tribe racing to a raft, which will be pulled out to a platform by three other tribe members. They will find an underwater cage where bamboo sticks are holding down rings. Once the sticks are released, the rings will float to the surface. When all nine rings are released, they’ll be pulled back to shore, where the last three tribe members will use the rings in a game of ring toss. First team to get three rings on their posts will win both immunity and a complete fishing kit. Survivor’s ready?

As the Fans strategize, Shamar says he’ll be a puller, and generally pouts that no one is listening to him. This squabble sets the tone for the competition. The Fans never really pull together, and the Faves easily romp to victory.

Back on the Bikal beach, The Faves are jubilant. But none more so than Captain Underpants, who revives his ‘organization’ from Season 22 – Stealth R Us Inc.  He interviews that “for unseen reasons, we have now expanded our operations here, in the Philippines.” Breaking the rule that the Survivors act as if no cameras capture their stay, Phillip then begins to introduce to the camera, documentary style, his commandos. “The newest member of the group (Malcolm) is The Enforcer.” He continues, “It’s so great to be here as The Specialist.  The Intelligence Attaché (Cochran,) The Eliminator (Andrea,) The Dominatrix (Corinne,) and True Grit (Dawn) are here to solve a mission that few would dare to take on.”

Everyone laughs, and seems to go along with him, but Malcolm interviews that Phillip seems to think he’s running some sort of spy corporation. He’ll go along for a few days, but if it were to last for the whole game, he’d hang himself. “Phillip Sheppard’s an insane person.”

The Gota beach isn’t nearly as happy.  They know that their failure was due to a lack of leadership. Reynolds tries to reprimand Shamar for his “unacceptable” and childish behavior, but Shamar is not taking it lying down. Well, actually he is, because Shamar is always lying down. But this time Shamar is also saying, “So let it be childish,” over and over and over, in response. Allie interviews that she’d never understood why a tribe would throw a challenge until she lived with Shamar for five days – he’s that difficult a campmate. And Reynolds tells Shamar that they’ll be voting him off that night.

Shamar interviews that Reynolds confronted him in front of the group because Reynolds knows that his little foursome are being targeted. By attacking Shamar, Reynolds hopes that the target will be deflected. Frustrated, the tribe mates scatter to collect firewood, water and food, while Shamar lies on the shelter bed, laughing.

Even Matt, originally aligned with Shamar and Sherri, can’t take Shamar’s attitude any longer. He approaches Reynolds and Eddie, pledging allegiance. They just need one more vote, and Shamar will be gone. He hopes that Michael will be the swing vote.

But Michael is also loyal to Sherri, and Sherri doesn’t agree. They’ll be stalemated if a decision can’t be reached. She wants Ally gone. She assures Mike and Matt that Shamar will chill out.

Reynolds, assuming that there’s a Hidden Immunity Idol (HII) somewhere around, goes on an idol hunt. He finds it very quickly, and is ecstatic. But he’s aware that he needs to conceal the idol, and to not reveal to the others his excitement.

No such luck! Laura notices a suspicious bulge in Reynolds’ pocket, just before the tribe leaves for Tribal Council. With no time to alert her alliance, she worries if Reynolds knows about their plan to target Ally, and if so, if he’ll give the HII to her.

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