Last week on Survivor, 10 past favorites and 10 new fans arrived in the Philippines to play this season’s competition. 4 of the new fans formed a ‘cool kids’ club, angering the others on their tribe, while the usual suspects (Brandon Hantz, and Phillip Sheppard, aka Captain Pink Underpants) stirred the soup on the other.

After losing the Immunity Challenge to the Fans, the Favorites made Survivor history by voting out Francesca Hogi, who became the first person to be voted out first both times she played the game.

Returning home from Tribal Council, Brandon is furious that his fellow Favorites have been so cruel to Francesca. Although Dawn and the others try to calm him down, he’s spitting mad, and vowing vengeance on the others. “I’m being vicious. I’m a motherf---ing honey badger, dude.” Dawn ran off to cry into her knee socks. Those fool enough to stick around for the show, like Erik and Cochran, got to watch Brandon attempt to morph into his dreaded uncle Russell, complete with a little dance and “the wave.”

But like all blowhards, Brandon has blown most of his steam away by the next morning, although Cochran has had enough of the drama. Brandon confesses his previous plans to sabotage their camp, but claims he’s now repented, and is determined to be an asset to the camp, and a good example to his children. Cochran interviews that Brandon veers from extreme rage to unbelievable pleasantness. “He’s like a sociopathic murderer.”

But wait! Phillip’s lurking nearby, in his new pink underwear, and needs to insert his own brand of crazy into the mix. When Brandon asks Phillip if he trusts his tribe, Phillip channels Data from Star Trek, saying he doesn’t have enough information yet to make a decision, and that his judgment of Brandon is on “pause” until Brandon’s proved his value. “And the CEO don’t call in the mid-management unless they’ve got something they want to tell him.”

Phillip interviews that Brandon is “narcistic” (narcissistic) and that “narcistic” people have no empathy for others. At the end of the day, Phillip says there is something very disturbing about Brandon. In fact, he’d have to say the same about Brandon as was said about he himself in the past – he’s crazy. (Pot, meet kettle.)

All little Brandon can do is run to the others, and tell them that Phillip is a big bully, who’s making him feel uncomfortable. (Kettle, meet pot.)  He then interviews that “You don’t want to fight with me, Special Agent Pink Panther! Inspector Gadget thought he could pull out his special tricks and that’s gonna be his downfall! ”

At Gota, Shamar is cementing his bad first impression with his tribe by lolling about in the shade, laughing while his tribe mates work. He’s decided that his best chance to keep hydrated is to stay in the shade for the next 40 days, relaxing and sleeping, and picking the occasional fight. The “cool kids” want him gone, but a small faction, led by Sherri, believe that Shamar will be an asset to them, not for his physical prowess, but as their “Phillip.” He’s flattered when Sherri tells him to just keep on annoying everyone, because he’s a-ok in their little group.

Jeff Probst welcomes everyone to the Immunity Challenge, which will also combine a Reward. Mike of the Fans tribe is stunned and impressed to hear that Francesca was once again first voted off. “They came to play. No mercy!”