Andrea doesn’t trust Corrine, and wants her out of the game. She approaches Cochran, saying that Corrine’s getting too close to Malcolm, and with Cochran’s help, they could get rid of Corrine. She next approaches Phillip and Brandon, to bring them in on the plot. Predictably, Brandon seems to agree with her plan, but then interviews that he’s sure everyone is lying to him. He trusts no one. And if people think they can mess with him – they will pay. He’ll burn the place to the ground. (Sorry if I yawn here; Brandon’s always threatening to pee on something or burn something down and it just gets a little hard to stay awake through his macho displays.)

Challenge time! Jeff Probst welcomes the two tribes to an underwater Immunity Challenge that will also include a Reward. The team that wins will have immunity, as well as some comfort items, like chairs, pillows, and a tarp.  But first, Brandon has to hand back the Immunity Idol from their last win. Hey look! There’s a teeny tiny Favorite’s buff on the Idol! I want one for my dog!

Underwater challenges are always fun, and this one is a doozy. First the Survivors must swim out to a pair of large bamboo cages in the water. They have to climb over the sides, drop inside, and then find and open an underwater gate. There’s a very heavy chest inside the cage. They’ll have to work together to drag it through the water, and then up onto the sand where there is a track prepared. The track is missing three sections, which they will have to capture by throwing a grappling ring onto a hook, and then pulling the track forward, thus joining it up with the previous section. Then move the trunk along the track, until they reach the end spot. Voila!

Survivors ready? Everyone heads out to the cage, although some have more trouble than others. But soon both cages are open, and the teams begin the long haul to the sand. The lead switches back and forth constantly, but when the competition hits the beach, the Faves clinch the deal. The teeny tiny buff goes back on the Idol, and the Favorites taken home their new beach décor.

Back at Gota, the Fans try to figure out what went wrong, but Shamar won’t listen to either Eddy or Reynold, both of whom he’s put on his “Don’t Talk To Me” list. He’s especially angry because he told his tribe mates that he wears contacts, and therefore must be given the goggles in the underwater challenge, but someone took the goggles from him, so they are all disgusting people who shouldn’t talk to him. Despite Michael adding that the underwater part of the challenge did not determine the loss, Shamar has spoken, and apparently no one else is allowed to add anything more to the discussion.

Reynold cannot understand how the others continue to ignore Shamar’s childishness, and wonders what Shamar has to do before everyone agrees to vote him out. But Laura and Sherri have their minds made up that the “pretty people” will be first to go, and plan to split the vote three ways. The women will vote for Hope, the men for Eddy, and the “pretty” group for Shamar. There will then be a tie, and in a re-vote, they can get rid of Hope.

However, Shamar, perhaps hoping to change the outcome, tells Hope about the voting plans, and she runs to Julia for confirmation. Now everyone thinks Shamar is the wild card. But will they put their votes where their mouths are? Reynold thinks so.

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