Last week on, Survivor: With Reynold and Andrea gone in last week’s double elimination, only six remain. Eddie is the last of the Three Amigos, and with Andrea’s blindside, no one feels safe.

Day 35, and Eddie feels like a sitting duck. With his ally Andrea gone, he’s sure he’ll be next to go home. While chatting with Cochran, Eddie mentions that he thinks Cochran will be next, if Eddie wins the Immunity Challenge. Cochran, paranoid as ever, thinks he may be right. Dawn is shocked to hear that Brenda and Erik are also considering Cochran, but is delighted to hear that Brenda and Erik think she is someone they’d like to take to the end.

Erik is having a bad time; hungry, teary and unmotivated, he’s just going through the motions. But everyone is excited when treemail brings them a Sprint phone with messages from home. Their loved ones are there, just waiting for the Survivors to arrive at the Reward Challenge. Dawn is especially happy to see that her husband has arrived on their 21st anniversary.

Jeff Probst welcomes the players to the Challenge, and wastes no time bringing out the guests. Even Jeff tears up when Brenda greets her father. Erik roughhouses with his brother; Sherri sobs and embraces her husband. Cochran and his mother cry together, Eddie leaps into his father’s arms, and Dawn dissolves in tears when greeting husband Dave.

The challenge brings together the players and their loved ones. They will spin around in circles, unscrewing rails. Once all three rails are free, they will assemble them into a structure, and then attempt to toss bolos onto the rails. The first pair to land three bolos wins reward; a floating barbecue which includes steak, burgers, beer and even apple pie. Survivors ready?

Erik and his brother are first to free the rails, with Brenda and her father close behind. The others, dizzy from the spinning and the heat, are far behind, especially Cochran and his 64 year old mother, who walk through the challenge.

Once the rails are in place, Erik swiftly tears through the knots, freeing his bolos, and he and his brother begin to toss the bolos. They are first to land one, but Brenda and her father are right behind, followed by Sherri and her husband. Suddenly everyone is in the game, but its Brenda and her dad Raymond who win the challenge.

Jeff tells Brenda that she can pick one other couple to join her on the barbecue. Without hesitation, she chooses Dawn and husband Dave. Just to complicate matters, Jeff then produces a second Sprint phone, with yet another video message. For the first time in Survivor history, two loved ones of each of the Survivors has been brought in, and they are also waiting to see who will join Brenda and Dawn on the barbecue.

When Sherri hears that her eldest son is one of the secondary guests, she collapses to her knees, weeping. Erik’s other brother, Eddie’s mother, Dawn’s best friend, Cochran’s dad, and Brenda’s sister are also present.  Jeff says that Brenda can have her secondary guest join she and Dawn or she can give away her reward, allowing the other four players to visit with their loved ones.