Last week on, Survivor: oh what do you care? This was an insane episode, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s thinking …. What the ?  None of what we call game play really matters because Brandon Hantz controlled this episode with his behavior disorder. Despite being on the team that could do no wrong, that won, week after week, that the other team envied … Brandon was an angry boy. He couldn’t take another minute of … oh, sorry … I’m not sure what exactly he couldn’t take. He mentioned missing his wife and kids, and said the others could vote him out, so that he could go home to then. But the next day he said he’d carry on playing, in tribute to his family. He told his team mates his plan to pee on their food and set the camp on fire, and then laughed as though they were expected to appreciate that he hadn’t.  Did he legitimately lose it? Or did he come on to the show, simply to have his very crazy moment in the sun?

During the Reward Challenge, Brandon and Phillip were the ‘muscle’, expected to hold on to very heavy nets. Brandon was knocked out before Phillip. Brandon couldn’t handle Phillip being proud of his win. Regardless, the Faves won again, and the prize was a barbeque … with wine! Who wouldn’t be happy?

Well, apparently not Brandon. He simply could not handle Phillip’s win. He took offense at anything and everything that Phillip said, to him or to anyone else. And this is where I go long on Brandon. I think he came in to the game, just to find an opportunity to go crazy, and cement his Survivor image. His behavior was simply too over the top to make any sense. He threw all of their rice and beans into the wet sand, denying his team mates a future. He had a temper tantrum, shoving over chairs and threatening other players. After seeing the extent of his mental illness, the team had no option but to want him out. I believe the other players were truly frightened.

Here’s where the line between Reality TV and Real Life blurs. Even knowing that they had a bona fide lunatic in their camp, someone who was not sane, and could possibly harm them, had indeed already endangered them by destroying their food, the tribe still felt it necessary to play the game. Phillip decided that they would throw the next challenge in order to vote Brandon out. In real life, someone who had just destroyed their food would be isolated at the least, banished, attacked … but no. This tribe carries on playing the game.

So when the two tribes went to the Immunity Challenge, it wasn’t much of a match. There was no contest, no need to determine a winner. As the teams gathered, Brandon immediately asked for a chance to talk to the Fans team. He told them that he was their second chance in the game, and warned them to not let Phillip win. Corinne spoke up, and told Probst that the Favorites would be forfeiting the challenge. Brandon started yelling and swearing.

There was never a question that Brandon’s crazy had hit the top. Probst called Brandon over to him, to separate him from the others, and wound up massaging Brandon’s shoulders, hoping to keep him in check, and in place, for at least long enough to find out what the heck was going down. Brandon continued to swear at his team mates, especially Phillip, blaming Phillip for all their altercations. Both teams were stunned and amazed. Andrea burst into tears, and Dawn had trouble breathing. Brandon’s accusations got a small rise out of Phillip, but thankfully, no physical altercation happened.

Probst called for a Tribal Council, right on the spot, and every member of Brandon’s team voted him out. Brandon became the 6th person voted off Survivor: Caramoan.

Probst had Erik give the Immunity Idol to the Fans team. The Fans were happy – a win’s a win, even if it came in such a strange manner. Brandon walked off, and presumably right into the care of a psychiatric team.  

The rest of the episode was really just business as usual. Everyone on the Fans team hunted for the Hidden Immunity Idol, and once again, Reynold found it. Sherri continued to complain about losing Laura at the last Council, as she had felt motherly towards her. It rained for two days straight, and everyone was wet and unhappy.

Brandon’s exit interview: "My exit was nice. It was glorious. I showed them that, hey, this guy’s not gonna just keel over and die. If I’m going down in a battle, I’m gonna throw rocks, and my army, I’m gonna go out, Braveheart style. I don’t regret none of it, because I proved my point. I was the author of my elimination."

Next time on, Survivor:  Phillip plans to take out Corinne. Corinne plans to take out Phillip. Nobody is planning on this. (We see both teams at a Challenge, where Jeff says, “Both tribes feel very good right now. Good, because it’s about to change again.”)