Last week on, Survivor: Cochran continued his reign as resident Challenge Monster, and the Three Amigos became Two as Malcolm was voted out.

Post Tribal Council, Reynold and Eddie assured the others of their intent to play hard, winning Immunity Challenges to stay in the game. Andrea conferred with Cochran, targeting Reynold as next to go.

Erik and the others are shocked when Day 31’s treemail brings another Immunity Challenge, rather than a food reward. Priority number one becomes outlasting Reynold so that they can eliminate him.

The Challenge Monster shows up to the Immunity Challenge shirtless, completely transformed from his former nerdy self. Probst explains that they will be balancing on a triangular platform out in the water, with their bare feet perched on very narrow footholds. They’ll move up the structure at regular intervals, and the last person still standing will win both Immunity and Reward, in the form of information. Survivors ready?

Never one to let the players get bored, Jeff tempts them with a plate of donuts and a glass of milk. Eddie and Erik jump off and share the goodies. 15 minutes later, as the Survivors move to a higher perch, Jeff brings out another temptation; 3 hot dogs and a soft drink. Cochran, already suffering, takes the bait, and is out of the challenge.

After 30 minutes, everyone moves to the top of the platform. This move is the hardest so far, and when a big wind swooshes through, Dawn falls into the water. Sherri is next, followed by Reynold. Now only Andrea and Brenda remain. Since Reynold won’t have immunity, Andrea wonders why Brenda is persisting, and offers to share the clue with her if she’ll jump into the water. But Brenda says she’d rather Andrea beat her fairly. Andrea says she just wants to finally win a challenge.

Tick tick tick … the stubborn ladies are still balancing after three hours. They invent their own fourth stage of the challenge; they will be lifting their left foot, and balance on just one foot. They’ll share the Reward note, regardless of who wins. Jeff counts them in, and within seconds, Brenda falls into the water. Andrea wins Immunity and Reward!

Back at camp, Reynold hasn’t given up; his new plan is to convince the others to blindside someone who could really win the game. Meanwhile, Andrea’s realizes that Brenda is a bigger threat than she’d thought and is concerned about sharing the Reward note, which is a clue to finding another Hidden Immunity Idol. So she decides to share the clue with all of her group, leaving only Eddie and Reynold clueless.

Erik finds the idol and gives it to Andrea. With both the Immunity Necklace and the Hidden Idol, Andrea wonders if they should change their group vote, and blindside one of their own. She confers with Cochran and Sherri, telling them that Brenda has more stamina than them, and plays well with others. Cochran realizes that the game is changing. People are now dumping the group victory, and pursuing their own personal victory. He also realizes that Brenda is indeed a threat, as does Dawn when approached by Andrea.

Dawn’s torn. Brenda is a friend, and getting rid of either Eddie or Reynold would be strategically wise for the group. But if Brenda gets to the Final Three, she’s definitely a contender.

At Tribal Council, Eddie admits that he knew he wouldn’t last long in the challenge, so he decided to jump first, sacrificing his security for a few donuts. Jeff asks Andrea and Brenda why they stayed in the challenge for three hours, if there is such a tight bond of six. Why not just make a deal?

Brenda says that it was the thrill of the test that kept her standing, and she’s happy she was beat, rather than conceding. Jeff asks Reynold if the two women squaring off opened the possibility of his finding a way to stir up the alliance. He agrees, and says that he’s open to working with anyone on the tribe. Cochran adds that making a move is about timing, and the self-awareness of knowing precisely when the move should be made.

Dawn says that she’s less trusting of her alliance as the game nears the end. She knows she herself is not trustworthy either. Andrea says that it’s true; when you are lying and deceiving others, you know others can do the same thing to you. Brenda doesn’t seem very happy with Andrea and Dawn’s words.

And so, they vote. One vote to Erik, one to Sherri, and two to Eddie. But the next four are all for Reynold, and he becomes the 4th member of the jury, leaving Eddie as the One Amigo.

Eddie’s exit interview: “Here I am. Adios! I put my trust in a lot of people, and that wasn’t reciprocated, and I had no more rabbits to pull out of my hat, no more immunity idols. But I’ll tell you one thing, for sure, I had THE time of my life.”