39 days, 18 people – ONE SURVIVOR. And so it begins.

The players arrive, once again in the Philippines, already sorted into three groups - Brains, Beauty and Brawn. The Brains tribe is Luzon (David, Garrett, J’Tia, Kassandra, Latasha, and Spencer,) and they arrive by helicopter. The Beauty tribe – Solana -(Jefra, Alexis, Bryce, Jeremiah, LJ and Morgan) sail in by boat, and the Brawn tribe Aparri, consisting of Cliff, Sarah, Tony, Lindsey, Trish, and Woo ride in on a truck, before everyone meets up in a field.

Jeff Probst welcomes the teams, and explaines how the three divisions have been chosen. Some players seem amused, some seem flattered, but mainly, everyone just wants to begin the game.  

The teams’ first task is to quickly choose a leader. The members choose. LJ will lead Solana (Beauty), Sarah Aparri (Brawn) and David Luzon (Brains.) Next, those leaders will have to choose someone to cut from their tribe as least valuable. Ouch!  

LJ thinks that Morgan must go, because she’s just too ‘hot,’ which he apparently feels makes her more dangerous than the women he’s deemed ‘cute.’  Sarah ousts Trish, perhaps as the eldest female in the Brawn team, and David, claiming that he’s thinking about his end game, chooses muscular Garrett as the Brains’ biggest threat. The joke is on the new leaders, however, as they have not actually lost these players. Instead, the losers are sent ahead of their tribes by helicopter, where they are offered a choice; either be unselfish, which will net them an extra bag of rice for the tribe, or act for themselves, in which case they can have a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Garrett chooses to help himself. He finds the idol, and vows to get rid of David as quickly as possible.  Trish opts to help the group, so Aparri (Brawn) will receive an extra bag of rice. Morgan chooses to look for the idol on Solana (Beauty’s) beach, but without success. She further annoys her tribe by acting suspicious when they arrive, but covers her tracks by pretending to have chosen important goodies like fishing gear over offered luxuries. LJ still mistrusts her, and correctly guesses that she has been searching for an idol.

Over at the Brains’ beach, J’Tia announces that she, as a nuclear engineer, will supervise the building of a shelter. Rather than pitch in, J’Tia bosses and bullies the other Luzons, calling out orders and specifications that seem odd to the workers. Sure enough, when the base of her shelter is tested, it collapses under its own egotistical weight.

The Brawns work well together, swiftly organizing shelter. While gathering wood, Sarah, a policewoman, notices that Tony has the unmistakable look of another officer. But when confronted, Tony lies and says that he’s a construction worker/roofer. Tony later interviews that his logic in denying his occupation is based on his fear that the others might find his being a cop threatening, since they might assume he’d be “too strategical.”