Previously on, Survivor: Everyone was battling for Hidden Immunity Idols, but it was Spencer who found one. However, it wasn’t the new super idol. There was also a battle between the two alliances. Tony saw a chance to ignore his own alliance, to his advantage. At Tribal Council, he got what he wanted, blindsiding LJ and three members of his alliance.

Eight are left ... who will be voted out tonight?

After Tribal Council, Jefra wondered who’d flipped. Tony admitted that he and Woo had taken out LJ. Tony explained his reasoning, and assured his alliance that he’d only gone against them for this one vote. Kass seemed okay with Tony’s sneaky move, but Jefra worried that she was on the bottom of the alliance.

Spencer thought that Tony’s ‘big moves’ made Tony unpredictable. This vote benefited Spencer, but the next might not. Spencer wants Tony out.

As Day 26 dawned, Tony began to realize that he might have overplayed his hand. But his previously built ‘spy shack’ was ready and waiting, near the water well. Players gather there when they want to talk privately. Tony listened in on other Jefra and Trish’s conversation. Jefra doesn’t trust Tony. Trish continues to trust him, but says he’s devious, and a world class actor.

Tony feels the only people he can trust are Woo and Kass.

We jump straight to today’s challenge. Jeff Probst greets the players and says they will be divided into two teams of four. They’ll race out into the water to collect paddles, Once they have all the paddles, two tribe members will use them to solve a word puzzle. The winning team of four will be taken to a beautiful landmark cave for a barbecue lunch of chicken, ribs, potato salad and chocolate chip cookies. Survivors ready?

For the Purple team: Tasha, Jefra, Spencer and Jeremiah. For the Orange, Tony, Trish, Woo and Kass. Jefra’s in trouble from the start, as she needs help to get on the boat. The teams need to paddle their boats all the way out into the ocean before they can start collecting the game paddles. There are a total of 8 paddles to be brought back.

Tasha’s team takes the lead. When Tony helps Woo untie the first set of paddles, the Orange team takes the lead. They lose it again when Tony drops a paddle into the water, and has to jump in to retrieve it. He then has to get back on the boat before they can continue. But with teamwork, Team Orange is first to head to the beach to solve the puzzle.

Woo and Kass work on Orange’s puzzle, while Tasha and Spencer try to figure out what the letters on the paddles should spell. Jeff tells them that it’s a three word phrase. Both teams look at each other’s attempts, trying to get inspiration.   But it’s Tasha and Spencer who figure out the phrase is “Worth Playing For.“ Purple wins reward!