Back at camp, Woo jokes that he feels like Encino Man, while Kass tells him he looks like a Terracotta Warrior.

Kass interviews that she’s glad Tony picked Trish to share his reward, as it solidified their alliance in her mind. Tony is the Alpha Male, and Trish is the Female. “I’m surprised they are not picking ticks off of each other by now. They are attached at the hip, and everyone can see it. And in my view, no one in this game should have that much power.”

Wow, Kass, jealous and bitter much?

Spencer feels like Tony’s win is a metaphor for the game so far; Tony will win, taking Trish along with him, and no one seems to notice or care. Much like the pizza, the game will be handed to Tony on a silver platter.

As Tony essentially inhales his pizza through every part of his body, Trish asks him if he has the idol with special powers, as well as the ordinary idol. He says that he does, and that he can use one that night, and one at the next Tribal, before the rules say no more idols can be played. In actuality, tonight’s vote will be the last time he can use his idols; he’s just hoping they’ll believe his bluff.

Tony and Trish wonder if they’d have a better chance in the endgame with Kass instead of Woo. Tony has every intention of taking Kass to the end, because she’s just so unlikeable. He feels that both Trish and Kass would likely receive less winning votes than he.

Later that day, Tony takes Kass aside and tells her that Woo told him everything about her wanting to vote him out. He says that he understands. His plan is still to take her and Trish with him to the Final Three.

Although she’s glad to believe she’s going to the finals, she’s also determined to ruin Tony’s image with the others, to ensure that he is exposed as a bully, and someone no one should vote for. To this end, she resurrects her alter ego ’Chaos Kass.’

She first goes to Woo, saying that Tony told her that Woo spilled the beans on her. Woo denies it, but when Tony comes along, Kass asks Tony to confirm his words. Tony admits that he did, but that he told her that in secrecy, and he’s angry that she’s investigating him. She accuses him of interrogating her, and asks why his secrecy is allowed, but hers is not. Tony gets even angrier, and stalks off, saying she’s ‘sealed her fate.’

Kass interviews that her intent is to stir up paranoia amongst the tight knit group. She’s hoping that Woo will now distrust Tony, and think him a liar.

Kass says that it seems Tony can talk to anyone, but they are not allowed to talk to each other. Tony says that talking and revealing secrets are two different things. Was he supposed to talk to her in llama, he says, and goes into a llama cry, as the others look on in bewilderment.

Tony interviews that Kass is the perfect person to bring to the end, but the way she behaves makes her an insult to the game. As far as he’s concerned, they’re done.

Day 36 – and the last day that any Hidden Immunity Idols can be played.  Kass tells Tony that what she did was strategic; now one of his people doesn’t even know if he’s one of his people. He says he gets what she’s up to, but wishes she’d leave him alone.

Kass feels like her best bet is to get Woo and Spencer on her side. They can’t really take out Tony, since he has at least one idol, but they can mess up his game. She tells Spencer that Tony swore to her on his wife and baby that he was taking her to the end, and she’s sure he said the same thing to Woo.

Suddenly, the penny drops for Woo – he realizes that Tony would likely be afraid to take him to Final Three, as he has a pretty good reputation with the jury. Woo also realizes that Tony was likely considering blindsiding him at the next Tribal. Now Tony is not looking so trustworthy.  Woo asks Spencer and Kass what they are planning.

Spencer says that he has to win the Immunity Challenge, or he’s out of the game. And then Tony and Trish will have to decide if they’re taking Woo or Kass to the end. The question is what to do about it. If Woo and Kass want to make Final Three, they’ll have to take out Trish.

Trish overhears Kass’ words, and interviews that she’s tried to be nice to Kass during the game, but it’s been exhausting. With this betrayal, Trish will no longer hold back.

Spencer interviews that he’s determined to win Immunity, but is also pleased at the cracks in the alliance. With Woo and Kass on the defensive, there’s hope for his end game.

Jeff calls the players in to the Immunity Challenge. Today they will have to untangle a braided rope, which will release a key they will use to open a chest containing ladder rungs they have to put together. After climbing the ladder, they’ll find planks they will use to build a staircase, which will take then to the top of the structure, where a sliding puzzle awaits. First person to finish wins Immunity, and a one in four shot at winning the million dollar prize. Survivors ready?

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