Previously on, Survivor ...  for 30 days, Spencer and Tony have been on opposite paths. For Tony, everything has gone right, even up to finding two idols, including one with ‘special powers,’ without a clue. But for Spencer, it’s been a different story. His life in the game has been a constant struggle. He wasted his only idol, and his allies have been picked off one by one.

But things have started to turn around – he won Immunity and the majority alliance was turning on each other. And he even made a Final Three pact with Kass and Woo, and targeted Tony. But at Tribal Council, it fell apart once again. Kass realized Tony had many enemies, and she decided to keep him.   Spencer could only watch as the majority alliance took out his only ally.

Five are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

After Tribal Council, the Survivors gaggled back through torrential rain to their camp.  Spencer asked Kass and Woo why they had changed their minds on the decision to be the Final Three. Woo denied agreeing to the pact, and said he already had his own Final Three. Kass sneered at Spencer for trusting anyone; lying is just part of the game.

Kass  interviewed that she had realized during Tribal that Tony had been obnoxious to everyone at some point. She felt that no one would vote for him to win, so he’s her best bet to take to the end.

Tony laughed as he told Spencer that Kass and Woo were just toying with him. Spencer interviewed that his only hope now is that he’s playing against people who have so little understanding of the game.  

As Day 34 begins, Tony and Woo are paddling the canoe, telling each other how super confident they are that they can win the Immunity Challenge. Tony tells Woo that they should choose Kass as their third, as she will never get any jury votes, leaving the field open between the two of them.

Woo interviews that he changed his mind about blindsiding Tony because of his loyalty – they’ve been together since the beginning and should be together in the end. Woo then tells Tony that Kass was quite prepared to backstab Tony, and Tony thanks Woo for his honesty and integrity.

Tony then interviews that it’s going to kill him when he eventually has to blindside Woo. Tony wants to take Kass and Trish to the end, sure that neither of the women will get any juror votes.

Jeff Probst welcomes the players to the mud pit where the Reward Challenge will happen. The Survivors will have to dive into the pit, and cover themselves with mud. They will then have to race to a bucket, into which they will scrape the mud off their bodies and clothes. They are not allowed to carry the mud any other way. The person with the most mud in their bucket after ten minutes wins Reward – the winner will have a piping hot pizza delivered to them at camp. Survivors ready?

What a mess! The players roll around in the mud, covering themselves from head to toe. It would seem that those with long hair would have an advantage, but in the end, Tony manages to fill his bucket to overflowing. Tony wins Reward!

Tony is allowed to choose one other player to join him in his pizzafest. He chooses “Anorexia,” aka Trish, who dances over to him screaming that she loves him. (A little pizza can go a long way after 34 days of living rough.)