Previously on, Survivor: After a surprise switch, Brawn, Brains and Beauty were no more. They were divided into two tribes; the new Solana tribe and the new Aparri tribe.

On Aparri, the former Beauty tribe began to turn on itself, and the former Brain tribe used that to gain control. At Solana, the former Brawn tribe had a 5 to 2 advantage, with just LJ and Jefra of the former Beauty tribe still at the beach.

In the last immunity challenge, Solana lost, and though LJ was considered, the tribe blindsided former NBA all-star Cliff. Thirteen are left – who will be voted out tonight?

After Tribal Council, Trish tried to clear the air with the others, but met opposition from Lindsey, who had just lost her core alliance with Cliff’s ouster. Insults flew as Trish and Lindsey faced off. When Trish told Lindsey “I will respect you because this is a team going forward. But I don’t like you.” Lindsey responded with “You disgust me. Everything about you is annoying. Your laugh. Your teeth. Your face. Everything about you I cannot stand.”

Lindsey walked off into the night with a sulk, and spent long enough pouting on the beach to get Jeff Probst involved. Jeff was brought in to talk with Lindsey, who said she could no longer play with Trish. She felt that she was in danger of flipping out on Trish, and didn’t want her daughter seeing a physical altercation between she and Trish. (Apparently bullying and insulting others is okay, though.)

Jeff noted that no one has ever wanted to quit the game due to interpersonal conflicts before. Lindsey left it to Jeff to tell her tribe mates of her decision.

At the camp, Trish said that she felt bad about Lindsey’s hurt feelings, but noted that Lindsey’s reaction (of insulting Trish and then stalking off) were more about losing her ally Cliff than a conflict of personality.  LJ compared Lindsey’s leaving to “a huge volatile zit waiting to pop,” and Woo seemed relieved, noting that they could now start fresh as a solid five.

Tony gloated that his plan had gotten rid of not only Cliff, but Lindsey as well – two for the price of one.

This week on, Survivor:  Jeff brings the teams into the arena for a look at the new Solana tribe, down both Cliff and Lindsey.  Aparri is surprised, but delighted. Sarah is particularly ecstatic. Overnight, the numbers have changed, with Aparri now at seven members to Solana’s five.