Previously on, Survivor:  Tony gave his idol to LJ, and LJ reciprocated, knocking two idols out of the game. When Kass flipped, the power shifted to Tony and LJ’s alliance. A new ‘special’ idol was hidden in camp, but the Hidden Immunity Idol Spencer found was just an ordinary one.

At Tribal Council, Morgan was the next voted off the island. Nine are left – who will be voted out tonight?

After Tribal Council, the remaining Survivors returned to camp. When Tony leaned his torch against a tree, he knocked over all the other torches, but walked away without picking them up. He was angry that he’d received four votes, and told Spencer they dumped Morgan because she was not worthy of staying in the game. Tony was incensed that he’d almost been voted out for a second time, when clearly, he felt he was more than worthy.

Although Tony considered the votes against him a back handed compliment, he was determined to play hard, for as long as he was in the game. As a new day dawns, Trish and LJ worry that Tony’s anger at receiving votes at Tribal is making him paranoid and impatient. Trish thinks Tony’s paranoia and OCD tendencies could make him do something stupid.

Tony feels that LJ, like himself, is smart, and always two steps ahead of the game. He needs to trick LJ into breaking his promise of not voting out someone in their alliance. Tony convinces LJ that Woo has found a Hidden Immunity Idol, and will use it to get one of their own out of the game. Sure enough, LJ says they should consider blindsiding Woo, before he acts against them.In reality, Tony’s plan was to get all of the other tribe members to think of LJ as a sneaky backstabber, and a serious threat to their alliance.

Treemail promises what seems like a food and Spa Day reward, and the ladies are delighted. But Tony’s more concerned that the tribe members that win will be away from camp, relaxing and bonding, and  possibly strategizing. He is determined that he’ll win the challenge, so that he can control the possibility of any faction within the group coming up with their own plans.

Jeff Probst welcomes the Survivors to the Reward Challenge, and tells them they will be divided into three teams of three. The teams must throw a rope through a ring, which will release sand bags, and then throw the sand bags as far as they can through a net tunnel, before bouncing the sandbags off a trampoline, into a series of baskets.

They are playing for a chance to get off their bamboo mats, and into a Survivor Spa Reward; a real shower with soap, shampoo, massage, lunch, and cocktails. Just what they need to rejuvenate their minds and bodies for the last 16 days in the game!

The three teams consist of Jefra, Trish and LJ on the Orange team, Kass, Tasha and Woo in Purple, and Spencer, Tony and Jeremiah as the Green Team. Jeremiah takes an early lead, and he’s tossing his sandbags through the tunnel before the other teams have even released their own bags. Team Orange is next to move on to the tunnel toss.  The Green team retains a small lead, but the Purple team picks up the pace.

By the time they get to the trampoline portion of the race, Tony’s Green Team is well ahead, and he lands three of the five bags they need for the win right off the top. Although Teams Orange and Purple struggle, Tony’s determined.  The Green team wins! Spencer, Tony and Jeremiah will enjoy the spa day!

Never one to miss a chance to strategize, Tony (call me The Opportunist) decides that he’ll use the spa day as a chance to bond with Spencer and Jeremiah, and get them to agree to blindside LJ.