Previously on, Survivor: Aparri and Solana finally merged, and became Solarrion. And a new Idol with different powers was put in play. But the real struggle for power was between two alliances, and Sarah was playing both sides.

But Kass had other plans. And at Tribal Council, Sarah could only watch as her game unraveled. Hidden idols were played. Her control turned into chaos, when Kass flipped. Sarah went from the Queen, to the first member of the jury. 10 are left – who will be voted out tonight?

After Tribal, the remaining players tried to regroup. Spencer felt that Kass had played from her gut, not her head, and could not be trusted. Kass told the others that she flipped because she had felt like she was on the bottom of her alliance, and believed that Sarah was against her.

While Spencer sneered at Kass’ lack of strategy, Kass felt like she’d made a brilliant move. “It’s like I pulled a hat trick on Survivor. I got rid of the girl I wanted to get rid of, and two big lugs played their idol, unnecessarily. Triple win, right?” “The pissed off people are going to get over it. So, I don’t have an alliance. I am a free agent, and everyone’s mad I messed up their game, ‘cause I’m playing my game.”

As Day 20 dawned, Kass turned her evil eye on Morgan, pointing out that the Beauty had not done much to help out in the tribe. Morgan was surprised, as she felt they had ignored each other for most of the game. She called Kass “a bitter, ugly old lady,” and thought Kass hated her because she is cuter than her.

We head immediately to a Reward Challenge. Today they’ll divide into two teams. They’ll start on a platform in the water, and then race through a series of obstacles. Next they’ll find a chest, which they will have to drag to the base of a tall tower. They will then have to climb up the tower, and then drag the chest to the top of the tower. Two tribe members will have to solve a puzzle. First team to finish, wins reward.

And it’s quite a tantalizing reward! The winning team will be taken to a Survivor themed Outback Steakhouse, where they will enjoy wood fire grilled Outback steak, baked potatoes, and all the fixings. Plus there will be Outback Steakhouse Margaritas, and dessert. Survivors ready?

The teams hit the water, heading for a massive teeter totter, before they walk a long balance beam. They then gather to untie five knots that are holding a chest in place. Once they have the chest at the bottom of a wall, everyone starts climbing to the top.

Both teams are still pretty much even before they begin the puzzle. Woo and Kass are the puzzle solvers for the Purple team, with LJ and Spencer solving for the Orange team. Orange begins to pull ahead, as they fly through the puzzle pieces. And it’s Team Orange (LJ, Spencer, Jeremiah, Morgan and Jefra) who win Reward!

Back at camp, Kass, Trish, Tony, Woo and Kass try to make the best of the day. Tony’s angry that they lost the chance to eat a good meal. Kass, Trish and Tony discuss who should be next to go, wondering if Spencer or Jeremiah are threats to consider. Trish tells Kass that she’ll leave it up to her to decide. Kass is smug, feeling like she’s not really in any alliance, but loves having Trish and Tony relying on her for her opinions on the other players.

Tony’s not sure he can trust Kass, because he can’t tell if she’s lying, or on their side. He hopes she’ll stay with them, but will be prepared for the worst.

Tony and Woo decide that they’ll have to search for the new special hidden idol. But with no clue, they have no idea where to start. Tony spends the day on the hunt, but has no luck.